Coach Fatima Barnes Sheds Light On the Inception of the Ambition Academy

The problem with most coaches in the industry is that rather than providing them with the tools to help them thrive for the long term, they promise to bring them a shortcut to make easy money. Fatime Barnes is a coach who prefers to take a different route and instead provides them with the tools and solutions that they can use to continue expanding their business. With The Ambition Academy, she has been positively impacting the lives of countless women working in beauty brands.

Fatima Barnes is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and coach for beauty brands. Her journey started when she became the first person in her family to graduate from college. Barnes joined the corporate world, working for a Fortune 500 Company. During her stint with the company, she established a beauty brand that proved to be successful. Simultaneously, Barnes was exerting efforts to help her company. She proved she was one of the best in the industry, consulting with small businesses and generating $5.7 million in revenue.

However, she found that the work was constricting as it allowed little room for her to exercise creativity. Her tenure with the company left her feeling underappreciated and uninspired. Work consumed her time, and she was forced to let her brand go. Staying with the company out of a passion for business, Barnes delved deep into work. However, her efforts yielded no awards as the company refused to consider her for a promotion. Defeated and exhausted, Barnes resigned.

With more room to breathe, Fatima Barnes found the motivation she needed to change her life. With the knowledge and experience gained from working in an exhausting environment, Barnes decided to prevent other women from repeating her mistake. To realize her goal, she created The Ambition Academy.

With the Ambition Academy, Barnes assists beauty brands struggling to reach their financial goals by teaching them how to grow and scale to six figures without depending too much on social media. While her niche has primarily been in the beauty sector, Barnes has also delved into many other industries. She has been utilizing a program called The Beauty Boss Accelerator Program to help other women reach their goals.

As a coach, Barnes strives to help them generate wealth with the blueprint she used to build the foundations of her success. She understands how significant social media’s role is in business today and utilizes her knowledge to help brands scale and grow without depending too much on social media. The program lasts twelve weeks to go in-depth on how her clients can build their brand to become a premium one. “I work on the mindset and the underlying issues that will help them be successful,” Barnes explained, “Marketing doesn’t solve issues. This is why I get to the root of the problem first.”

Since setting up The Ambition Academy, Fatima Barnes has significantly been influential in the coaching industry. She tells her clients what they need to hear rather than feeding their egos. Barnes hopes to continue the path she set out for herself, helping thousands of women grow their brands. Additionally, she is optimistic about the prospect of writing books and speaking at events like TEDx Talk.Learn more about Fatima Barnes and The Ambition Academy by visiting her official website. You can also reach out to her through Instagram.


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