Chris Sheng Revolutionizes the B2B Sales and Marketing Landscape by Removing the Need for Paid Advertising

Well-known entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and growth marketing expert Chris Sheng is making headlines anew with his latest venture known as LeadrPro, a venture-backed software marketplace that is revolutionizing how software is discovered, evaluated, and purchased. Essentially, LeadrPro is looking to disrupt the whole B2B sales and marketing landscape by doing the unimaginable – removing the need for paid advertising on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

LeadrPro is the first marketplace connecting sellers with buyers of software solutions. Interested individuals can simply book a demo with a SaaS company and receive AI-driven recommendations for similar products that may suit any company’s needs. In just a matter of a few minutes, clients can book all their product demos and find the perfect software solution. In addition, buyers get incentives by simply sitting through product demonstrations while learning about the most recent innovations available in the market. 

“Having the domain expertise, proving out an idea in a manual and fragmented way for several years before writing a single line of code. Once we proved that we could generate meetings between a seller and prospect repeatedly and at a higher volume than our clients, we decided to automate our process,” Chris shared. 

Chris is a three-time founder known to have worked with more than a hundred venture-backed start-ups in the B2B SaaS space. He is either leading or giving valuable advice to others. He is also a growth adviser to several venture capital firms, including Mucker Capital. 

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and growth marketing expert, Chris is also a producer and director known for several film projects such as “Knock Knock 2,” “,” “The Grind,” and “Flipped.” Being in the film industry has always been one of his childhood dreams. The fact that he can create a balance between his career in finance and entertainment astonishes many of his peers. Being able to do it is simply a testament to his clear vision in life and ability to multitask. He hit the headlines when he got engaged to popular American model and media personality Courtney Stodden. 

Most people would think that Chris is the kind of entrepreneur who is all work and no play, but it would surprise them to know how well he maintains a healthy lifestyle that keeps him fit and grounded. Despite his busy schedule in helping his clients grow their ventures, he always makes time for his favorite sports. In a span of one month, Chris was able to complete two ultra-marathons, he is currently earning his skydiving certification, and training to climb Mt. Everest with his first Nepalese climb of Lobuche East Peak (at 6,119 meters). How he can do all these while growing his personal businesses and attending to the mentoring needs of his clients remains a mystery to a lot of people. 

With Chris holding the reins, there is no doubt that LeadrPro will go a long way. It not only has the potential to redefine many things, but it also holds the promise of bigger opportunities in the future. Through its services, people will begin to see that there is a more efficient and cost-effective way to discover, evaluate, and buy the software. 

He also hosts PodSaas, a weekly podcast featuring Saas founders, and is a producer on the YouTube series, How to Start a Startup, which features the LeadrPro team and their journey from 0 to 1.


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