Chris Sbrocco and Building a Successful Plumbing Business via Social Media

Businesses leveraging social media in today’s world have reaped significant rewards, and more businesses have seen reasons to adopt the same strategy. Chris Sbrocco, the founder of Pro Service Plumbing, is one of the entrepreneurs putting social media first as a primary strategy in his company’s promotion and marketing.

The journey to building Pro Service Plumbing began over two decades ago when Chris was 19 years old. He started by working for his uncle, who was also his mentor, and for the next ten years, he learned the ropes and everything related to the plumbing business. Finally, in 2010, he established Pro Service Plumbing which has served customers with services ranging from high-end installation, commercial and residential plumbing and new construction. 

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Pro Service Plumbing’s services cover the Northeast Ohio areas, with many of its clients attesting to the level of quality services they have received from the company. Chris Sbrocco has set himself apart as an astute entrepreneur in the plumbing world and beyond by getting featured in different publications. Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs featured him on his YouTube Vlog, Mike Rowe Works, where Mike spoke about Chris’s success in the Plumbing industry & Pro Service Plumbing.

Pro Service Plumbing and Chris Sbrocco have achieved immense success thanks to its technicians’ excellent customer service. In addition, the company’s team of well-trained employees and investments in new technology have been the game-changer in its evolution over the last decade. This explains the adoption of social media as part of its marketing strategies and the remarkable results it has seen recently. Chris Sbrocco’s primary motivation for choosing plumbing as a career stemmed from seeing how well-respected his uncle, John Sbrocco, who owned JR Sbrocco Plumbing, was on job sites. In his words, “My uncle was well-respected by many people, and he received the highest level of importance on job sites. The respect also came with some success that I aspired to achieve. So, going into plumbing was an easy choice for me,” he said.

From being the only employee, Pro Service Plumbing has grown its workforce to five technicians who handle different stages of its service delivery. The company also has a remarkable fleet of equipment that allows its technicians to carry out jobs effectively. “Our fleet of tools and equipment allows us to effectively carry out our services. The ability to determine issues and provide custom solutions immediately has helped us maintain an ever-increasing client base,” Chris said.

Pro Service Plumbing’s growth trajectory has shown how social media knowledge and expertise can help businesses connect with the younger generation. Chris has shown his social media followers on TikTok the plumbing process and built trust. He shows the process of executing projects, installations, how-tos, product explanations, and business operations on his TikTok page &

All these moves have pushed Pro Service Plumbing forward in the industry, fostering connections with product and tool manufacturers. Chris also sits on the Moen Pro advisory council and is an Oatey ambassador. His influence has earned him direct partnerships with Jobber a field service management software & manufacturers like Rigid Tools and Truewerk Apparel, cementing him as a plumbing expert and entrepreneur to look out for.


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