Children’s Author Erica Jones Teaches Kids Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

Experts have said that early childhood is a crucial period of learning and development. What a child learns during their first few years of life are skills they will carry with them to adulthood. Erica Jones is a children’s book author and illustrator who believes it is vital for parents and guardians to be a part of a child’s learning process during the initial stages of life. With that principle in mind, Jones drafted the book Ready, Set, Bet to help teach young kids valuable critical thinking skills.

Erica Jones was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She recalled being fascinated by cartoons that featured animal characters with human-like characteristics. So, at seven years old, she started drawing, eventually creating animal characters of her own design and story. This was the start of Jones’s lifelong passion for art, drawing, and storytelling.

This artist took the time to learn more about art history and the different art styles and movements. Erica Jones eventually discovered that her true passion in art and drawing was with editorial and illustrative cartoons. As a result, Jones pursued an arts degree and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Graphic Design and Interactive Multimedia.

Ready, Set, Bet is an educational book written and illustrated by Erica Jones to teach young children critical thinking skills. “There was sadly a lot of violence and crime in my city. I believe that by giving children books that teach them important life skills, I can help them lead a life away from violence. This was one of the reasons why Ready, Set, Bet came to be,” Jones shared.

Ready, Set, Bet is not only a storybook but also an educational system. Aside from a book, it also provides young readers with flashcards. These flashcards contain questions about the story using actual scenes from the book and multiple-choice answers kids can choose from. Erica Jones created this system that helps children learn and keeps them engaged.

Ready Set Bet, Big Dog and Little Cat Race to Get Cheese Pizza, is a delightful storybook that involves two main characters Big Dog and Little Cat along with many other animal characters.

Big Dog is very tech savvy and enjoys utilizing technology for just about everything. Little Cat on the other hand is a very simple cat and enjoys a more traditional way of problem-solving.

Together they will teach children how to problem solve as well as complete tasks using two different methods teaching to reach their goals.

The story that Erica Jones wrote helps parents and guardians guide children in learning critical thinking skills, problem solving and healthy competition. The characters are simple yet colorful, and the story is straightforward enough so young learners from the age of 2-8 can grasp the lessons the author tries to impart.

“Early childhood development and learning hold a special place in my heart, especially as a mother of two young boys,” Erica Jones explained, “And when I wrote this book, my aim was to get involved in a child’s formative years, and helping parents and guardians connect with children in a way that positively affects their development.” Aside from the fun and colorful character illustrations, Erica Jones has made sure that her illustrations and stories appeal to children of different genders and ethnicities. “Learning is universal, and I wanted my book to be inclusive. Aside from simple language, I made sure to use a few complex words as well to help expand a child’s vocabulary and give them a head start in reading,” Jones further explained.

Erica Jones has seen firsthand how her educational book has had a positive impact on children. She shared, “I have seen it with my children. When I saw the positive development, they went through after introducing them to this book and the program I created, I knew my book would also help more children out there. I just want to give young children an opportunity to become the best possible version of themselves.”

This author and illustrator are enthusiastic about art and the education of the youth. “Molding young minds is a huge responsibility, and it genuinely takes a village to raise children into responsible, intelligent, creative, and compassionate adults,” Erica Jones said, “Ready, Set, Bet is the first educational children’s book I have created, and I plan to create more volumes. One day, I hope to turn my books and characters into an educational children’s television show so I can reach more children globally. I am enthusiastic about educating young learners and Ready, Set, Bet can help teach young children important life skills.” To order your copy of  Ready Set Bet, Go to:


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