CEO of Contractor Consultants Builds a Business with More Than Concrete 

As a fourth-generation mason, Matt DiBara probably has a bit of concrete in his veins. He mixed his first bag of cement when he was just nine years old and spent most of his childhood learning the trade. He proved himself early by placing second in the national SkillsUSA masonry competition, after which he attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst to branch out with a degree in Construction Management and Environmental Design.

Matt DiBara lays the foundation for his contractor career

After graduating, DiBara took over his family’s construction business and elevated DiBara Masonry to become the leading masonry and concrete company in Los Angeles. He has been tapped to work on some of the most prestigious celebrity homes in the city, and even to restore several of Hollywood’s most famous cultural landmarks.

DiBara built his business on the firm foundation of quality services and a helping hand. He has never been content with simply doing a construction job. In his popular podcast, “The Undercover Contractor,” he shares trade secrets that enable homeowners to avoid scams and find skilled contractors. Today, he is reaching out to others in the construction business and solving the industry’s most common problems.

The contractor who knows how to help

After years of working with contractors across every trade, DiBara realized their most challenging struggle is a lack of time and support to grow their business. He commiserated with countless colleagues who dreamed of sitting down with loved ones at dinner or being there for the moments that matter. These contractors were constantly fighting fires, fielding emergency calls, battling labor shortages, and handling job delays due to poor communication.

“Contractors have no one to turn to for industry-specific help and support,” DiBara says. “It’s time for construction to catch up with other industries and start offering the help they need.”

Contractor Consultants is DiBara’s solution. He gathered a knowledgeable team capable of creating a detailed plan for every area of a contractor’s specific business. “Instead of adding more items to your to-do list, our team executes each task for you,” he explains. “We have experience in all areas of construction, so you can continue doing what you do best while knowing that the rest is taken care of.”

The Big Six Plan from Contractor Consultants

With his intimate understanding of the construction trade, DiBara designed a tool to assess the mission and big picture for every client. His Big Six Assessment is a proven proprietary, 220-point assessment technology developed by experts who examine each contractor’s business deeply. “We learn about your end goal and what achieving that goal would allow you to do,” remarks DiBara.

Contractor Consultants identifies every element within a contractor’s company related to attracting and retaining talent. The course reveals industry secrets guaranteeing wins in recruiting, interviewing, skills assessment, training, and creating company culture. “When you hire the right people, you’ll have freedom in your business,” says Dibara. “Taking control of your recruiting is taking control of your company”

Contracting Consultants begins by analyzing a company’s team so it can recruit effectively. Dibara’s team reviews current job duties to optimize each employee’s productivity. DiBara adds, “What makes people want to work for you? To lay a strong foundation for recruitment, we help you take a hard look at your business to determine what excites people about your culture and vision.”

Contractor Consultants shows companies how to write engaging job descriptions and helps them leverage recruiting gaps in the industry to seal the deal such as weekly massages, four-day workweeks, or granting employees a day off on their birthday.

Creating a freedom strategy for contractors

DiBara’s team combines construction experience with the information obtained from each contractor to design an individualized plan dubbed the Freedom Strategy. “We build out a detailed timeline,” Dibara says. “It starts by addressing urgent tasks and culminates with a proactive schedule. You set the goal; we create the plan to get you there.”

Contractor Consultants breaks a company’s hiring and retention needs into immediate, mid-term, and long-range timelines. “Building a fantastic team is an ongoing process,” says Dibara. “Instead of involving a large one-time job, it involves small, consistent everyday tasks.”

One by one, Dibara is learning his fellow contractors’ personal goals and guiding them toward Freedom. “Contractor Consultants fills a much-needed niche in the industry,” says DiBara. ” This comprehensive course is the first of its kind. It covers every aspect of recruiting and retaining a top-notch staff, and it’s delivered in easy-to-accomplish, bite-sized modules that keep you on track.”


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