Brandon Harris, the CEO and Visionary Behind Jawzrsize, Shares His Inspirational Story

Brandon Harris
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Jawzrsize, an innovative facial fitness product that has taken the world by storm, owes its existence to the indomitable spirit of its CEO, Brandon Harris. In a recent interview with us, Harris shared his unique journey from personal rehabilitation to spearheading a global sensation that has captivated audiences worldwide.

What sets Harris apart as a leader and CEO is his unwavering passion for jaw health and people in general. For him, Jawzrsize is not just a product; it’s a way of life, a lifestyle. Harris’ journey to creating this revolutionary product was deeply personal, rooted in his own experiences, including pain from his years as a cage fighter in Alaska and a broken jaw / life-altering motorcycle accident in Hawaii that left him in a coma for 13 days.

He describes Jawzrsize to us as a product born out of necessity, a mission to rehabilitate his own face. What makes his story even more compelling is the fact that he built this business from the ground up, starting with nothing but life experiences and an unshakable determination. From living out of the trunk of his car to where he stands today, Harris’ journey epitomizes resilience and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

“Promoting a product that I have personally put so much blood, sweat, and tears into has made my job exciting and easy to spread my message,” says Harris.

While the product was originally created for full-contact sports and face rehabilitation, its benefits extend far beyond. Exercising the jaw, face, and neck muscles, according to Harris, contributes to a vibrant and healthy appearance that’s akin to the fountain of youth.

Jawzrsize caters to a diverse audience, from those looking to define their faces and strengthen facial muscles to athletes, gym-goers, and individuals dealing with TMJ issues. Harris proudly references studies indicating that 97% of users experienced relief from TMJ dysfunction.

Moreover, he draws attention to scientific literature and research, such as James Nestor’s “Breath” and Sandra Kahn and Paul R. Erhlich’s “Jaws,” emphasizing the importance of a strong jaw for facial structure and overall health. This, Harris believes, further underscores the significance of Jawzrsize as a product that can benefit everyone.

Reflecting on his career highlights, Harris points to the invention of Jawzrsize as the defining moment. It wasn’t just about creating a product; it was about addressing a gap in the market and offering a solution for facial and neck muscle exercise. Securing multiple patents for Jawzrsize was a testament to his dedication and the product’s uniqueness.

Another noteworthy achievement for Harris and Jawzrsize is the commitment to keeping the product made in the USA. The positive impact on millions of lives worldwide and the product’s availability in over 170 countries showcase the global appeal of Jawzrsize. Harris believes that there are countless more people who can benefit from this innovation, and his vision extends to reaching them.

When asked about the qualities that make a great CEO, Harris emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision. As an inventor and entrepreneur, he believes that sharing his passion and message with the world is pivotal. A clear vision enables strategic planning and staying ahead of the market, even during challenging times.

To those aspiring to start and run their own companies, Harris offers a straightforward yet profound piece of advice: passion. He believes that a genuine love for your invention or the services you offer is paramount. If that passion is absent, it might be time to reevaluate and find a different path. Manifesting your business dreams into reality, according to Harris, starts with unwavering belief and love for what you do.

Brandon Harris’s journey with Jawzrsize and as its current CEO is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and the transformative impact of an authentic, passion-driven vision. As he continues to inspire and change lives through his revolutionary product, Jawzrsize, the world watches with admiration and anticipation.

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