Beyond Temptation LLC and Founder Eleanor Fondren Empowers Others to Take Control of Their Lives

Beyond Temptation LLC
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Many inspiring individuals strive to make a difference in the world by providing guidance, support, and resources to empower others to take control of their lives and pursue their goals with confidence and determination. By helping find the strength and resilience they need to overcome challenges and succeed, these individuals play a vital role in people’s journeys toward a better, more fulfilling life, setting them on the path to long-term success.

Grassroots organization Beyond Temptation LLC was founded by Eleanor Fondren with the goal of providing services to help others build self-esteem, assertiveness, and motivation. The organization offers a range of services, including motivational speaking, coaching, and outreach services, focusing on bringing awareness to substance abuse disorders and various social disparities.

One of the key activities organized by Beyond Temptation LLC is the Stress Relief Workshop, an annual event aimed at assisting those suffering from depression, anxiety, loss of loved ones, and other mental health issues, as well as those seeking support and motivation. Another annual event is the Vision Board Workshop, a festival of giving and support for individuals, small businesses, and the community at large. This event is designed to empower and motivate attendees and to provide a networking opportunity for local businesses, speakers, and others interested in supporting the community.

In addition to these activities, Beyond Temptation LLC also offers outreach services focused on substance use disorders, addiction, mental health, and bringing awareness to various social disparities. The organization welcomes monetary donations to support these efforts.

“I pride my success on Faith, Determination, Transparency and Self Care. I believe when you practice self-care, everything else will align. Mental, Physical and Spiritual self-care,” Fondren said. “Many of my self-care items are all-natural products. All proceeds from my products list help to conduct my yearly events and outreach efforts.”

What sets Beyond Temptation LLC apart is Fondren’s personal and firsthand knowledge of the dangers of addiction. “I have made my outreach and personal story public as a homage to assist others. From being expelled from high school due to gang affiliation, many years of substance use disorders, loss of countless associated, established relationships, family members and hardships that were associated with negative choices, to now being a candidate for a Doctorate in Ministry and Social Justice, I personally understand the hardship that trauma and negative lifestyle choices can bring,” Fondren shared. “I was blessed not only for the transformation of my life; however, the level of success I have attained, which I consider my gift and calling. I will continue to be a living witness, a resource, and a beacon of hope for others.”

Looking ahead, Fondren hopes to establish a local chapter of Beyond Temptation LLC, offering counseling services, consulting, and community outreach services to her community in the next five years. She wants her audience to have a sense of hope and inspiration and to understand that no matter how difficult their situation may seem, it is possible to overcome temptation and achieve their goals with faith and determination.



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