BeachEdge Addressing the Pressing Housing Shortage Issue in the U.S. by Building Homes for Modern-Day Professionals

The current housing shortage in the United States is a well-known fact that the present administration, and many that preceded it, is trying to address. As the cost of living in the country continues to increase year after year, and more people do not get significant increases in their take-home pay, buying a home for a modern-day American professional is quite an uphill journey. Construction tech start-up BeachEdge is about to dramatically change this reality as it develops vacation homes that are affordable and hassle-free for every modern-day home buyer. 

BeachEdge gives young professionals the rare opportunity to own their very own vacation home complete with practical amenities, a great view, very close to the city, and has the potential to generate passive income when not in use. With the company’s 100-year combined construction experience paired with the most state-of-the-art A.I. technology available in the industry today, the act of developing lots in the coastal areas is becoming a lot simpler. 

Interestingly, BeachEdge gives potential homeowners the unique opportunity to design their own beach homes. They can choose what kind of view they prefer, the kind of designs that will fulfill their interior preferences, get their plans approved without any hassle, choose a build solution that will not hurt their budget and a rental management solution at the same time. All that they need to do is use the BeachEdge platform and use its team to assist them in simplifying what is commonly a complex process to many people. 

“In addition to building homes, we’re also using A.I. and construction expertise to identify and acquire idle lots across the U.S.,” the BeachEdge team explained. “We sell these lots to developers and construction companies at a higher valuation after obtaining design permits at a much faster pace than any of our competitors.”

Several reports recently revealed that the United States is short of more than five million homes. From January 2012 to June 2021, some 12.3 million American households were formed, but only seven million new single-family homes were built within the same timeframe. Since 1995, single-family homes construction has been running at a very slow and excruciating pace. Due to the shortage, the prices for new and existing homes are rising faster than most people expect. Given the rising cost of materials, home builders also cannot afford to make cheaper homes anymore. 

The team behind BeachEdge is taking an ambitious and awe-inspiring direction after having so many realizations at the height of the pandemic. Collectively, the members discovered that beach homes close to San Francisco are extremely expensive. They are either overbuilt and expensive or outdated and still expensive. Thus, the idea to develop beautifully-created beach homes for an affordable cost for next-generation homebuyers became an exciting direction. At the helm of establishing BeachEdge is its CEO and founder, Nikhil Choudhary. He is joined by V.P. of Acquisitions, Aine Ong, VP of Design, Vincent Yan, Director of Construction, Carl Curran, and V.P. of Technology Tejas Choudhary. 

Committed to giving its future clients a remarkable and exciting experience, BeachEdge is bound to be the next big thing in the real estate industry. 

Learn more about BeachEdge by visiting its website. Check out its Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest projects. 


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