B.L.A.K. Makes Royalty out of Men through Its High-Quality Beard Products

A sense of style is a man’s weapon, and his confidence is the shield. In the battle of day-to-day life, with all the hustle and grind looking perfect has never been more difficult until now. Enter Beard Like A King (B.L.A.K.), a men’s lifestyle brand that offers high-quality products to promote growth, give shine, soften, and help detangle beard hair. A beard, after all, is a crown beneath a man’s chin. 

Founded and created by Bud Taylor, one of the young entrepreneurs helping put Mississippi on the map, B.L.A.K. was established to provide kings with the products they need for the beard they deserve. The esteemed men’s brand offers an array of all-natural hair care products that include oils, beard balms, beard scrubs, and beard cleansers.

Their products come in various sizes, sets, and scents to ensure that kings get all that they need no matter where they are in the process. Bud Taylor wanted to create a brand that catered to the urban market while simultaneously providing a level of confidence that only kings could understand.

Beards are a man’s crowning glory. Bud’s vision for B.L.A.K. is to provide the utmost care for beards all over the world through its top-notch products that hope to inspire others in the process. Whether you’re starting fresh, with No-Shave November right around the corner, or whether you want to nurture the beard that you already have, B.L.A.K. has everything that you need and more.

As its name implies, B.L.A.K. is a black-owned and operated company with products that are made with the best all-natural ingredients sourced from all over the world. Apart from its hair care products, B.L.A.K. also offers a variety of tools such as brushes and wooden combs that help prevent breakage for natural hair. The esteemed men’s lifestyle brand is also popular for its scented products such as wax melts, fragrance beads, and even carpet fresheners that allow its customers to take their favorite beard scents wherever they go.

B.L.A.K. is a luxury brand that is bold in its mission, changing the world one beard at a time. The pleasant scents of B.L.A.K. such as Crown Coco Mango and the Pinnacle Pineapple Seamoss have captivated its customers for days. In the near future, Bud Taylor envisions his brand to grow as a household name all across the nation. Its branding already screams that it is a luxury brand, and it wouldn’t take much for it to become an established global brand. 

Bud Taylor envisions B.L.A.K. merchandise and products to be flying off the retail shelves nationwide and expanding to give his natural sisters an outlet where both the king and queen can get what they need for their natural hair care. Consumers no longer need to look any further than B.L.A.K. for all their hair care needs. The brand is here to stay, and it’s here to grow for the years to come. There’s no way to go but up for Bud Taylor and his brand, and his success serves as an inspiration for all the kings out there.

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