Atlanta Initiative Launches ‘Buycott’ Project to Enhance Economic Equality for Black Communities and Allies Through Supportive Business Patronage

Photo Courtesy: FotM Global Team
Photo Courtesy: FotM Global Team

In the declining years of his remarkable journey, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. harbored a profound concern amidst the fervor of the civil rights crusade he championed. In a candid conversation with Harry Belafonte, an icon in both the realms of entertainment and activism, Dr. King shared his apprehension that his efforts towards integration may have inadvertently led Black Americans into a metaphorical “burning house,” without fully addressing the economic disparities plaguing their community. This poignant revelation not only highlighted an unyielding pursuit for racial and economic justice but also set the stage for future generations to continue this noble quest.

Fast forward more than fifty years, and we find this mission gaining renewed momentum through the innovative endeavors of Friends of the Movement Global Inc. (FotM Global), BlacIntellec, and a coalition of civil rights and trade organizations. These entities are at the forefront of transforming economic activism from traditional boycotts to buycotts—a strategic pivot aimed at uplifting economic empowerment within the Black community and its allies.

The combined spending prowess of Black Americans, estimated at a staggering $1.7 trillion, along with their allies’ financial influence surpassing $7 trillion, empowers them as pivotal change-makers in today’s economy. It’s against this backdrop that FotM Global introduced its groundbreaking “Our Money United” campaign on March 12, 2024, at Atlanta’s esteemed Rice Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs. The initiative’s crux is to mobilize this immense spending power by encouraging consumers to patronize businesses committed to fostering growth within Black communities—dubbed as “Friends of the Movement.” This initiative is further bolstered by an innovative tool: the nationwide deployment of Black Wall Street Tickers.

Dr. Charles Walker, Jr., founder and CEO of FotM Global and the visionary behind this campaign, encapsulated its essence as a shift from boycotting’s passive resistance to buycotting’s active engagement. By harnessing modern technology’s potential, this strategy aims to catalyze rapid social and economic transformations that resonate with younger generations’ values and those conscious of their spending’s impact.

Joseph Hudson from BlacIntellec underscored their role in offering deeper insights into consumer and corporate spending trends—insights vital for making informed decisions geared towards achieving economic justice.

This contemporary approach redefines conscious consumption. Consumers are now empowered to transform each transaction into an expression of their values by selecting companies that align with their dedication to racial equity—an endeavor made effortless through FotM Global’s platform.

The significance of this movement is magnified amidst challenges against Affirmative Action, Voting Rights, and other milestones achieved by civil rights movements over decades. Endorsements from influential figures like Ambassador Andrew Young—a close confidant to Dr. King—and organizations such as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference signal broad support for this initiative among leaders eager to advance Dr. King’s legacy.

Legal advocate Attorney Gerald Griggs emphasized how this campaign creates a platform where voices can be amplified and dollars directed towards justice-seeking efforts.

Ron Sailor from the National Action Network Southeast highlighted buycotting’s ability to transform each purchase into a vote for equality and respect—a sentiment widely shared among Atlanta’s vibrant civil rights leadership community.

Prominent attorney Rodney Strong commended buycotting for its real-time accountability mechanism—holding corporations responsible minute-by-minute—and increasing visibility for those actively participating in these initiatives.

Rev. Jamal Bryant pointed out buycotting’s empowering potential against historical contexts like the bombing of Black Wall Street—a stark reminder of oppressors’ fear toward organized economic movements within marginalized communities. The Black Wall Street Ticker stands not merely as a tool but as a symbol; one that tracks investments into community-supportive businesses while directly challenging wealth disparities.

Atlanta Initiative Launches 'Buycott' Project to Enhance Economic Equality for Black Communities and Allies Through Supportive Business Patronage (2)
Photo Courtesy: FotM Global Team

This innovative form of activism extends an invitation to all individuals—not just through traditional voting but via daily financial decisions reflecting their commitment to racial justice and equity.

As society teeters on potentially monumental shifts inspired by Dr. King’s dream yet realized, initiatives like FotM Global’s Our Money United campaign offer tangible steps forward—one where every dollar spent serves as groundwork toward narrowing America’s racial wealth gap.

To join this transformative movement or discover more about contributing towards crafting an equitable future through your spending habits visit Friends of the Movement Global Inc.’s Directory or delve into their mission further at

Through such collaborative efforts embodying ideals laid down decades ago yet remaining acutely pertinent today—the aspiration for economic justice might finally see fruition not only within our communities but resonating across nations striving for true equality.


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