Arturo’s Recipe For Long-Lasting Relationship

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Do you know why Pine trees are so special? It’s because they can withstand extreme temperatures, whether it is cold or hot, and severe situations. They can even tackle fire and drought; they are known for their resilience. A relationship should be no different. It should be able to stay firm against all odds, battling out the hurdles that come along the way and driving towards long-lasting success. Sure, the early stages of a relationship might not pose any difficulties. But that is the easy part. The real challenge is maintaining the relationship even when the ‘spark’ and the ‘excitement’ fades away. 

The true strength of a relationship and character can only be judged by the stability and contentment of the partners involved. 

Although there are no secrets to thriving in a relationship, all that is required is the right approach and purity of heart. Unfortunately there’s no magic potion that could ensure that helps a relationship last long. This is a reason why we witness a lot of broken relationships that once had a promising and flawless beginning. Couples that seemed like the ‘endgame’ come to an end, with broken hearts and dreams. 

Relations suffer due to inconsistency and lack of courtesy toward each other as the relationship progresses. It is more common but not restricted to young love birds who find someone special and get overwhelmed by the initial butterflies in the stomach, assuming that it will carry on the same way forever, like a fairytale. What happens is that they fail to keep the same spark alit and fall short of managing work-life balance without realizing their faults. The blame game begins, igniting the conflict and rubbing salt to the injury. In this case, one should always consult an expert or follow someone who can restore and reconstruct relationships. 

Arturo James Daly is a broadcast journalist, an expert media adviser, and, more importantly, a man happily married for over 25 years who continues to enjoy marital life to its fullest. He is a role model for individuals entangled between career goals and maintaining healthy relationships. Arturo, alongside his superwoman wife, proudly raised four daughters through the thicks and thins of life. Like every other couple, Arturo experienced his fair share of rough patches and fought with his family’s help to prevail, prosper, and further strengthen the union. 

We live in a world where every day presents a new challenge, and our increasingly fast-paced life can easily distract us from our commitments. The daily practices that were once a charm to a couple’s life slowly fade away and create an unfillable void, leading to heartbreak.

There is no sneaky way out when developing and nourishing a bond that stays, and finding happily-ever-afters is not easy. It is a structure in which every building block holds its value and plays its part in the growth and steadiness of the structure. It’s only been two years since the world was taken aback due to the pandemic. It gave us perspective and allowed us to understand the important things in life.

When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.” – Donald Miller

And that is what it’s all about. Nobody is perfect; it all depends on how much effort you put in and how much you are willing to fight for your relationship. True love is a blend of positivity, forgiveness, appreciation, and communication. Nature has its way of testing our grit and courage. The value of daylight can be observed after a bleak stormy night. All you need is to accept your relationship wholeheartedly and strive together to achieve everlasting love. 

Another element of surprise that most people often forget about is honesty. It is the glue that connects relationships. An insanely lovey-dovey couple might fight at home because one cheats on the other. The notion that “till death do us part” is more than just plain vows, they are the hallmark between two consenting adults embarking on a roller coaster ride together. Let’s not forget that you’re also examples for the next generation. 

Arturo James Daly vividly discusses the symptoms and provides a remedy for wounded bonds in his book 7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last. As a veteran relationship coach, Arturo shares the characteristics of long-lasting love drawing from his experience. He shares concerns that aren’t restricted to a specific culture and environment. He understands the basic universal pattern and flow of a relationship and vows to guide struggling couples who lost their course among the rough tides of life. 

It is time to hold on tight to the love of your life as Arturo’s book will help you make your relationship last. 


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