Arturo Elias Transforming Visions and Leaving an International Legacy

Arturo Elias Transforming Visions and Leaving an International Legacy
Photo Courtesy: Arturo Elias

Arturo Elias, founder and CEO of CP Magazine & Business Woman, leads an international communications company that specializes in highlighting the positive impact of personalities on society. His focus on strategies, conferences and leadership programs has reached 60 countries, supported by institutions such as UNESCO, Terracycle, INMUJER, Ministry of Culture and Total Pulchra.

Throughout his career, Elias has faced significant challenges and achievements, such as the recognition of the Total Pulchra of the Vatican and the Government of Los Angeles, the United States honored him with a Certificate of Honor as one of the 5 outstanding Latin leaders. In October 2023, the State Senate of California, USA, under the representation of Senator Susan Rubio, awarded another Certificate of Honor, supporting its local, state, national and international work.

The Inspire Global Initiative recognition celebrates Elias’ dedication, highlighting his contribution to showcasing the values and significance of young people and women. In 2023, Elias consolidated an alliance with CP Magazine & Business Woman and the UN in Mexico. This certificate highlights its positive impact at the local, state, national and international level, aligning with the 2030 Youth Agenda.

Forbes 30 Under 30 Nominations 2024 has nominated him in Social Impact, recognizing him among bold young leaders who are transforming business and society. The Outstanding Leadership Awards® 2024 nomination from Australia in the Entrepreneur / Start Up Leader category highlights his innovation and commitment to development. In addition, Elias appears as a Latino Leader in 101 Most Influential, highlighting his influence in various cultural and business branches. His dedication to inspiring responsibility, integrity and courage reflects the current era, where taking consequences, aligning purpose and acting with courage are essential.

In an interview, Elias shares his experiences and advice. He emphasizes the humility of the entrepreneur, suggesting seeking support in weaknesses and launching the brand to the market to constantly learn and measure actions. The journey of Elias, a graduate in International Business, led him to found CP Magazine & Business Woman. His fascination with business and the learning acquired in his career allowed him to interpret the world and societies in a unique way.

Elias highlights the importance of responsibility, integrity and courage in today’s era. He advocates facing challenges with courage and building new realities. His career, from Celaya, Guanajuato, to the California State Senate, reflects a mentality forged in early work. Elias inspires with his focus on entrepreneurship, technology and marketing. His legacy goes beyond business, inspiring young people to follow their dreams and goals, demonstrating that passion and continuous learning are key to business success.

Arthur Elias
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