Anna Goryacheva’s Music Journey and Taking the Piano Business to Greater Heights

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Achieving success in music is no small feat, and for many successful artists, helping more people find success is only a natural thing to do. Anna Goryacheva has toed that same path, having found success for herself. As an internationally recognized, award-winning American pianist, recording artist, educator and entrepreneur, Anna Goryacheva has committed herself, her time, and resources to building others.

She’s the founder of Elite Piano institute, a piano school and educational platform known for training music educators and pianists in America and other parts of the world. Under Anna’s leadership, the school offers a wide range of piano instructions, which cover high-level piano lessons, organizing musical events, music workshops, master classes and recitals, coaching music teachers, and producing international piano competitions and festivals. She has also used her influence to foster partnerships with leading music festivals and competitions globally, creating opportunities for young pianists and the chance to showcase their talents.

Taking her work further, Anna Goryacheva is also a passionate builder of communities as part of her quest to create initiatives that no one has created before. This led to the birth of Piano Bloom in 2021 to serve as an online community for ambitious music educators to empower, support, and help music teachers to grow their business and confidence.

“Being an artistic person, I have always wanted to create something special that no one has done before and something that would inspire people around. That is how I came up with the idea of creating an online community. Being an immigrant, I never expected I would grow so much and I am still amazed by the amount of support I receive each day,” Anna revealed.

Her music journey began when she was seven at the Kaliningrad Special Music School for gifted children affiliated with the Kaliningrad State Music College. She made her orchestral debut in Hungary when she turned nine, and by her tenth birthday, she had performed her first Philharmonic recital with Kaliningrad State Symphony Orchestra, playing Mozart’s Concerto No. 23. She built her career from scratch and was able to break into the American market, capturing audiences and mesmerizing them with her performance skills. Now, as she combines being a musical artist and running a successful business, she has her sights set on making impacts on people. She’s all about inspiring her students and colleagues to believe in their dreams and grow beyond heights they imagined.

Anna Goryacheva has her debut album in the works, which will feature works by Chopin, Debussy, Satie and many more. She also has solo recordings featuring the music of Phillip Glass in the pipeline. For her work and impact in the music and business world, she has received prizes from many international competitions and awards as well as grants from major music foundations like the New Names Foundation for her outstanding abilities and exceptional contribution in culture and arts.

She has been featured in major media publications like Flaunt Magazine, LA Weekly, Kivo Daily, America Daily Post, The American Reporter, to name a few. Brainz Magazine also included her in its global list of 500 entrepreneurs, educators, influential leaders, and business owners. As a highly respected international piano pedagogue and music coach, Anna Goryacheva’s status in the music world cannot be overlooked.


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