An Exciting New Player Has Hit the Market: Enter App OMMT Club


2024 is starting off strong for the tech and app community, which may come with no surprise given 2023 has introduced the revolutionizing ChatGPT. 

Indeed, we’ve been bearing witness to unprecedented transformations across various sectors involving AI, watching as enhanced automation and decision-making processes have taken the world by storm. Whether it be major strides in quantum computing, the proliferation of 5G networks in progressing connectivity, or the abilities of tech to create faster data transfer, citizens worldwide are constantly encountering advanced and inspiring interfaces within apps, brands and search engines they haven’t seen before.

One such new app that is establishing its cutting-edge tech and tapping into a long-ago neglected community is none other than OMMT Club.

The Rise of an Unmet Need

This app has done something all entrepreneurs aspire to do: put its finger on the pulse of the industry… and listen. 

Every new idea needs roots in the ground of need, and what founders Vasily, Phil, and Dan have done is find an untapped community of motorheads, car owners and vehicle enthusiasts who miss the good old days of car forums. 

What’s interesting is that technology itself was the reason the forums this community so vehemently enjoyed had ended. Sites like Revzilla took a moment to understand the phenomenon, first reporting that when using the desktop interface to read posts online had died, users no longer had the means or the want to write long discussion posts on their phones. Formatting large texts and adding pictures within a polished format proved impossible. 


And that’s where social media took its role on center stage.

Social media, being one of the most accessible and popular platforms, allows for interesting information to be displayed all the time, which is an all-in-one-stop dopamine hit. 

Forums work a little bit differently in the modern world, in order to stay up to date one might have to log in and catch up on four or five different places. 

With this in place, the conversation may be deep and more insightful when it comes to technical topics. However, most people don’t read about the best way to do a valve check on a Suzuki GS450 daily.  

As for the final straw, users who still were hanging around forums soon found that the websites started charging them to upload pictures. Defeated, users have had to turn to Facebook groups or Instagram pages. It left users feeling like they lost a sense of community. 

Reddit users who share their experiences on Facebook often mention that Facebook groups and the forums appear to be equally inactive. They exhibit the idea of how much has changed and that they used to be able to post in regional sections, and by evening, there would be a whole meeting arranged with locals from their area. Now, this is no longer in place. 

An App That Turned the Tables

OMMT Club has launched as a seamless, connective user experience that essentially combines the interface of Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram to create a community for motorheads that brings back the glory days. Users develop profiles, can post on their stories as well as show off the cars, vehicles, boats, motorbikes, etc. that they want to trade, sell, or buy.

Better yet, discussions and maintenance hacks — all of these are able to be brought to life again. The only difference is that these forums are now on one app and are a login away. 

And just as exciting is the modern addition of collectible cards. Similar to NFTs— though not tokenized, these cards are an effervescent innovation, enriching forums with their ability to engage users with licensed collectible cards from world-known automotive brands. The brand will be releasing this feature in 2024 and couldn’t be more excited about its impact.

In this way, OMMT Club has done what should always be at the forefront of tech: a way to connect individuals together, an answer to an unmet need. 

After moving to Los Angeles, Vasily, the company’s CEO, noticed how strong the US car culture is and observed that social networks do not replace good old-school auto forums. Their vision is to reinvest in a new format where users have a safe space online to find like-minded enthusiasts and go back to feeling a sense of community and family.  

If you want to learn more about this new technology, be sure to visit today.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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