An enterprising CEO’s advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs

Written by: Tedfuel

 Reaching tremendous heights in your career takes a lot of sacrifices, patience, and, most importantly, commitment to thrive. It is no secret that drive and passion for attaining success are required to become a leader. Burhan Mirza, a name well-known in the IT industry of Pakistan, has the leadership qualities that allowed him to accomplish amazing things. Nothing is achieved without much effort, and when it comes to work ethics, this dynamic entrepreneur builds winning streaks, paving the way for success.

Being the brains behind one of the leading IT firms in Pakistan that is transforming numerous businesses worldwide, Burhan Mirza is a crusader of empowerment in the truest sense. In fact, he has become a role model for the younger generation, guiding them towards entrepreneurial roles. He is not only a businessperson but also a life coach and one of the critical drivers of the digital revolution in Pakistan. In order to succeed in any field, one requires determination, confidence, and enthusiasm to keep moving forward.

In the beginning, everyone requires guidance to steer them on the right path, and Burhan Mirza, one of the pioneers of the country’s IT industry, is an exemplary and a beacon of hope for many youngsters starting out their careers.

When you first start off as an entrepreneur, you can have impressive career objectives. However, getting there requires a lot of hard work. If you want to survive in those crucial early years of your startup, make sure to improve your skills and ask for help when you need it.” Burhan emphasized on the importance of seeking help when needed. He further added, “Experienced people who know the tricks of the trade are the best resource available. Young entrepreneurs often think that they know best and tend to ignore these treasure troves of knowledge. But if you engage them, they will share their expertise, which would definitely benefit you in the long run.”

According to the enterprising CEO, constantly pushing himself is what keeps him motivated. He views life as a never-ending university course in which he can always learn new things. And that is precisely what he encourages others to try too. Like every visionary leader, Burhan also firmly believes in the power that we hold within ourselves; that power is something that can drive an individual to accomplish anything in any timeframe.

“Risks are the building blocks of every career path you choose. Your dedication and hardwork also expect you to take the plunge and ace it all.” – Burhan Mirza.

For Burhan Mirza, knowing that he wouldn’t regret trying but would regret failing was nothing short of an awakening.  An entrepreneur is someone who has a dream and a burning passion for turning it into reality, and it’s essential to maintain a clear field of vision at all times. Though it might seem difficult to overcome fear; it must be done. Burhan discovered that fearlessness was like a muscle that got stronger the more he used it. “You may come across amazing and unique ideas, but if you don’t take any action, it will lead you nowhere,” said the winning entrepreneur.

Burhan Mirza leads future entrepreneurs to focus on team building. He advises people to build a strategy around the workforce, their talents, and abilities. Apart from that, acknowledge the demand for entrepreneurial traits. As he puts in his own words, “invest in people who are well-aware of developing and strategizing business ideas. The perspectives such a solid squad would bring to your company will astound you.” Establish a risk-accepting company culture that encourages experimentation while solving problems and fosters a sense of safety and support for your team. He further added that we need to nurture environments where we can give people a sense of ownership, so they feel empowered to create their own solutions and produce outcomes for the company.

“Ideas never run out; they are limitless. You just have to be patient enough or shift your focus elsewhere, and the right path will soon show up. Remember, no one can thrive in any business by themselves, and those who do always fall short against a strong team. Create your own successful team to support your success.”

If you have any questions regarding growth potential and career, you can follow the man himself for advice and motivation. Keep an eye out for the latest updates from Burhan Mirza through his coaching platform; TheCoach360




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