American Socialites and Authors Amber Richhart & Angelia Richhart, Co-create a new Christian book titled “Divinely Guided: Faith, Love, Hope, Peace and Joy”

Amber Richhart & Angelia Richhart
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Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart are two of the most notable names in the world of literature and art. These two authors have written many books together, and their work has earned them worldwide recognition.

The duo has co-authored a book titled “Divinely Guided: Faith, Love, Hope, Peace and Joy,” which is a book that surrounds and entails the details of the Christian religion and the belief in Jesus Christ. This book is divided into five chapters, pinpointing the Christian values of faith, love, hope, peace, and joy. Each chapter is separated with an image to reflect the meaning of that specific chapter, to help the reader not only distinguish each chapter but to help the reader meditate on its true meaning. “Divinely Guided: Faith, Love, Hope, Peace, and Joy” is sixty-nine pages and 11,000 words of inspiration and motivation to help Christians on their spiritual path and journey. The ISBN associated with “Divinely Guided: Faith, Love, Hope, Peace, and Joy” is # 9798201818463 and was published by the publisher “Lay Family.’ This book is available for purchase at all major online retailers, including Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Apple Books, Booktopia, Fnac, Scribd, and Google Books. “Divinely Guided” is also available as an audiobook, so readers can easily listen to the words of this book and become inspired to live their life to their highest potential through Jesus Christ.

Amber Richhart, an Indiana native, has received much acclaim for her contributions to science. Amber Richhart is a well-known microbiologist who has been recognized all over the globe thanks to her education at prestigious institutions like Harvard and Yale. Amber Richhart has become an international celebrity thanks to her numerous successful creative endeavors, including poetry, modeling, and the publication of many books. Books like “The Sugar Orchard,” “The Essence of a Pearl,” and “Poetic Colours” by Amber Richhart are among her most well known works. Poetry and religion is the main theme of these artistically illustrated books. Her best-known works are “The Monarch Butterfly,” “The Scarlet Rose,” “The Evening Star,” and “Life.” Amber Richhart is an accomplished poet, artist, and model shaping the future of significant art for modern civilization via her explorations of nature, love, and hope.

Another Indiana native, Angelia Richhart, has made important contributions to the art world. Angelia Richhart is a talented illustrator who has published work in several publications. She attended both Harvard and Yale. Angelia Richhart has become an international icon via her modeling career, poems, and the numerous books she has written and published. Model Angelia Richhart became well-known after competing in the Miss Indiana USA Pageant and winning the title. Books like “The Essence of a Pearl,” “Poetic Colours,” and “The Sugar Orchard” by Angelia Richhart are among her most famous works. Poetry is the main theme of these artistically illustrated books. The poetry of Angelia Richhart has been praised for its capacity to move readers. The poems “The Days of Old,” “Believe,” “God’s Divine Plan,” and “Simple Chapters” stand out among her other works. The themes of nature, love, and life permeate the poetry of Angelia Richhart. She is a talented poet, but she is also an accomplished writer, artist, and model shaping the future of poetry and art in the modern world.

Angelia Richhart and Amber Richhart can be followed on their Insta handles: @angeliarichhart and @amberrichhart 


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