Ali Choudhri Adding Value to Communities through Buying and Development of Properties

Real estate is one of the few industries that remain firmly rooted despite the tech revolution that other traditional industries have failed to withstand. This is mainly because, in real estate, experience and passion guarantee results; and Ali Choudhri, one of the major players in the real estate space, understands the combination of passion and experience with modern technology. Through Jetall Companies, he is changing the face of real estate while retaining the traditional touch of helping individuals find their dream homes and office space.

Ali Choudhri is a professional real estate agent with over two decades of experience spanning acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, financing, development, and lending. Mr. Choudhri, as he is professionally known, is a commercial real estate agent and the founder of Jetall Companies, a real estate company responsible for the design and development of several residential communities in Houston, including the tallest single-family home in the state of Texas.

In the over 20 years of being in business, Ali Choudhri has built an expansive network of contacts across the board and an impressive personal experience that has seen him acquire over $1.2 billion of real estate assets with his fund. According to him, these transactions were sourced through outright acquisitions of assets, acquiring performing and non-performing notes and REO from servicers, lenders, and institutions globally. 

Employees, partners, and associates have described Ali Choudhri as a passion-driven and focused businessman who never shies away from investment opportunities and good real estate deals. In 2020, Jetall companies entered the race as a potential buyer for Stage Stores, a national discount department store brand based in Houston. The store filed for bankruptcy and sought to liquidate hundreds of its retail stores and assets, and Jetall was at the forefront of the purchase race. Although the Stage Store sale did not materialize due to the store owners backing out of a deal, Jetall Companies proved its worth as a worthy player in the real estate industry. 

Jetall Companies, under Ali Choudhri’s stewardship, has successfully developed over 30 commercial retail centers. In addition, they are vertically integrated, allowing the company to handle all project phases.

For Ali Choudhri, Jetall Companies is a fulfillment of his childhood dream, having known real estate all his life. However, having built the company to such enviable heights as Houston’s go-to real estate service company and its neighboring states, Choudhri isn’t resting anytime soon. He believes Jetall Companies will keep adding value to communities by building, developing, or buying assets over the next few years. “I’m passionate about economic growth and employment through real estate development and value creation. I wish to provide solutions that support the changing needs of businesses in our communities,” he shared. 

Ali Choudhri is an unstoppable force in real estate and has proven his expertise even in the most challenging situations and under stringent regulations and restrictions. Without any doubt, Ali Choudhri has created a system that works, which could become the template for many other companies in the future.


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