A Joy-Full Journey to Success with Messenger and Movement Maker Tamra Andress

Tamra Andress A JoyFull Journey to Success
Photo Courtesy: Tamra Andress

Entering the entrepreneurial world is risky business, and the motivation behind every entrepreneur embarking on a start-up business adventure is different. Some seek release from the shackles of the daily 9 to 5. Others desire the financial freedom that may open doorways to a leisure-based lifestyle. Some have made it a life goal to be their boss. But for Tamra Andress, one of the seventeen contributing authors in The Joy-Full Entrepreneur: Solutions, Signs, and Wonders, motivation bloomed when she realized that faith-based training offers sustenance and success, fostering the conviction that spirituality has a business place. 

Faith has been vital to Andress’s success throughout her entrepreneurial career. With over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, this author and podcaster has transitioned from network marketing to brick-and-mortar businesses, then onto e-commerce, the coaching industry, and now the publishing and non-profit sectors. Andress’s fulfilling business strategy throughout her career transitions has been a faith-motivated approach to entrepreneurship that focuses on harnessing and latching onto joy. 

But joy doesn’t always come easy, as proved by the obstacles Andress faced on her joy-full journey. The realities of working hard to play hard caught up with Andress, who experienced burnout in her entrepreneurial career. This experience became a lesson for the author; she changed her mentality to rest and activate well. Yet, rest is not the only form of self-care Andress implemented in her life and business approaches. She learned how to integrate her eating and sleeping patterns to fuel her body and mind instead of relying on them as coping mechanisms for stress and depression. With these added changes to her lifestyle and support healing from past trauma, Andress learned to find ease and rhythm in her personal and business life from grace. 

Success as an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be linked to burnout, broken homes, blaming, or financial struggles—Andress believes it should be related to joy and servanthood. The F.I.T. in Faith Podcaster works with the mindset that business conversation is about stewarding your resources wisely rather than focusing solely on financial gain. So, six years ago, Andress began supporting big dreams, from pastors, realtors, and start-ups to side hustlers, believing that everyone has more to give than they think and that individuals should intentionally use their gifts and talents with ease. 

Andress has helped beginning entrepreneurs strategize their businesses and launch their mission-driven companies, helping them quit their full-time jobs, work from home, and live joyfully. While there is value in teaching systems, operations, and strategy design (and they can be fun), Andress has discovered that the root of any successful business is the visionary leaders who require personal and professional development and growth to reach higher grounds.

Now, Andress is a six-times number-one bestselling author and considered an “entrepreneurial rabbi.” As founder of the F.I.T. in Faith Press, Andress and other well-known authors, including Dr. Michelle Marie Lappin, Sharayah Gonzales, Anthony Hart, Alejandra Crisafulli, Tierney Shirrel, Keith Callaway, Julianne Kirkland, Julie Kresl Richards, Kathryn Mcadam, Tamika Thomas, Marcus Ellis, Laura Hicks, Wendy Rhodes, Natalie Petroskey, Angela Bellar, and Sharon Davenport, released The Joy-Full Entrepreneur: Solutions, Signs, and Wonders, which offers budding entrepreneurs advice regarding the benefits of joy-full leadership and business approaches. Their faith-centric approach to the business world discusses how entrepreneurship fosters personal development when individuals find purpose and how to hone one’s path in this competitive industry. 

With aims to establish F.I.T. in Faith Press as a household publishing name, have globally popular podcasts, and spread her message across corporate stages, universities, and churches, Tamra Andress hopes to inspire others to understand that joy-full entrepreneurship is not a certification; it is a lifestyle, and the more one gives, the more the law of reciprocity allows you to flourish. 

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