A Journey of Vision, Dedication, and Transformation: The Brigada Group

In the world of business and conglomerates, success stories often emanate from visionaries who dare to dream beyond the ordinary. The Philippines, home to many such inspirational tales, witnessed the rise of the Brigada Group—a remarkable conglomerate that has left an indelible mark on the nation’s media, health, wellness, hospitality, and construction sectors. This article delves into the extraordinary journey of the Brigada Group, highlighting its inception, evolution, and the diverse entities that constitute this beacon of Philippine success.

How It All Began: The Vision of Elmer V. Catulpos

The story of the Brigada Group begins with a vision as grand as the eagle that soars high above the southern skies. Elmer V. Catulpos, the founder of the conglomerate, embarked on this journey with just 1,000 pesos and a dream. What initially started as “Tolendoy,” a lottery tip, took a transformative turn in 2005, evolving into “Brigada News Philippines,” a modest 6-page tabloid. At its core, Brigada Group sought to deliver timely, accurate information, and eventually, it emerged as the leading newspaper in Mindanao.

This ascent to prominence laid the foundation for diversification into various sectors. In 2006, Brigada ventured into food supplement distribution, further expanding its horizons by entering the radio broadcasting arena in 2009 with a network of 43 stations. The year 2012 marked another milestone with the creation of Brigada TV, completing the triad of Brigada Mass Media Corporation, Brigada Business Group, and Brigada Foundation Incorporated. This diversity was coupled with an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, positioning Brigada Group as a symbol of dedication and transformation.

Brigada Group: The Heart of Filipino Families

At the heart of the Brigada Group’s success lies a deep commitment to enhancing the quality of life for Filipino families. The conglomerate comprises three main entities: Brigada Media, Brigada Business, and Brigada Foundation, Inc., all contributing to this noble mission.

Brigada Media: Shaping Public Opinion

Brigada Media plays a pivotal role in disseminating information, influencing public opinion, and fostering a sense of community. It is the voice of Brigada Group, providing a platform for meaningful conversations and informed discourse. The Brigada Complex, located in General Santos City, is the nerve center of Brigada Media, housing a television studio, a radio station, and the company’s administrative offices.

Brigada Business: Nurturing Growth and Prosperity

Brigada Business Group represents the wings of the conglomerate. It is a testament to Brigada Group’s expansion into various sectors, including health and wellness manufacturing and distribution, hospitality, and construction. The business group drives economic growth, job creation, and the pursuit of excellence in each of these domains. Brigada Pharmacy, Inc., a subsidiary of Brigada Business Group, has experienced continuous growth, branching out across the country, underlining the group’s commitment to improving the healthcare sector.

Brigada Foundation, Inc.: A Beacon of Compassion and Principles

The heart and soul of Brigada Group’s social responsibility efforts, Brigada Foundation, Inc., embodies compassion and principles. It engages in various charitable activities and initiatives, promoting the well-being and empowerment of marginalized communities. The foundation is dedicated to leaving a lasting impact on society, a testament to Brigada Group’s values and commitment to making a difference.

Efficient Operations: Brigada Group Departments

To efficiently manage the various functions and tasks across its conglomerates, Brigada Group has established an array of departments that enhance specialization, communication, resource allocation, and accountability. These departments play a crucial role in operational efficiency, innovation, and strategic alignment, contributing to the growth and overall performance of the organization.

Corporate Public Relation Department: Shaping Positive Image

The Corporate Public Relation Department is responsible for shaping a positive company image, managing the brand, fostering relationships, handling crises, and ensuring responsible information flow within Brigada Group. It plays a vital role in maintaining a favorable public perception.

People Management Department: Nurturing Workforce Excellence

The People Management Department focuses on adept employee management, creating a positive work environment, and serving as a dedicated resource partner for the realization of Brigada Group’s goals and employee aspirations.

Quality Management Department: Elevating Operational Excellence

The Quality Management Department works toward establishing efficient practices through its E.S.S.M.A. framework. It focuses on eliminating, simplifying, standardizing, mistake-proofing, and automating processes. This department plays a critical role in enhancing operational efficiency, data-driven decision-making, financial integrity, system development, and data security.

Brigada Academy: Fostering Employee Growth and Excellence

Brigada Academy serves as the in-house training hub of Brigada Group. It is dedicated to fostering employee growth, skills development, and a customer-focused mindset. With flexible learning experiences, it empowers excellence and a collaborative spirit among employees.

Research Department: The Hub for Insights

The Research Department is the in-house hub for gathering, processing, and analyzing essential data and insights for all business units and entities within Brigada Group. It conducts strategic planning and field research, involving both internal and external investigations and analysis as needed.

Accounting and Finance Department: Financial Mastery

The Accounting and Finance Department manages financial resources, ensures organizational health, and provides reliable financial information. It oversees transaction recording, analysis, and reporting for subsidiaries and units. Finance, on the other hand, handles resource management, capital structure, and strategic investment decisions.

Legal Department: Ensuring Compliance

The Legal Department is responsible for ensuring that Brigada Group complies with all relevant business laws and regulations. It handles both internal and external legal matters, including litigation, investigations, and provision of legal advice to the company.

Management Information System (MIS): Data Mastery Architects

MIS, the Management Information System, is responsible for in-house information systems and data management. It ensures information security and integration, using business information innovatively to improve company efficiency.

ICT Department: The Tech Excellence Hub

The Information, Computer, and Technology Department, commonly known as the ICT Department, sets relevant technology standards, supports productivity, and automates electronic systems. It plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal functionality and reliability in software, hardware, and network infrastructure.

The Pioneers and Visionaries

Behind the success of Brigada Group stand individuals who have steered the company with dedication and vision.

Elmer V. Catulpos: The Visionary Founder

Elmer V. Catulpos, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brigada Group, is the embodiment of determination. Starting with just 1,000 pesos, he has continually guided the company to expansion and progress.

Yelcy Yasay Catulpos: The Executive Vice President

Yelcy Yasay Catulpos, the Executive Vice President of Brigada Group, simultaneously serves as the President of Brigada Healthline Corporation – Manufacturing.

Aimee Jean C. Abelis: The Chief Operating Officer

Aimee Jean C. Abelis, the Chief Operating Officer of Brigada Group, has played a pivotal role in the company’s journey to success. She has been an integral part of the company’s progress since its early days.


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