A Brand New SaaS Platform That’s Bound to Change the Project Management Game

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Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/programmer-and-ux-ui-designer-working-in-a-software-development-and-coding-technologies-mobile-and-website-design-and-programing-development-technology-C8JQQKlMbxY

“Don’t manage your life. Master it.” That’s the Platform Circle tagline, and don’t we all want to accomplish that mastery? However, when we’re working on projects, that mastery seems impossible at times. There are just too many things to keep track of and it can get overwhelming very quickly. 

No wonder we’re always on the hunt for that one tool that will make a difference, and we believe Platform Circle is that tool. Designed by Rotimi Kehinde and his team at Kingdom Branding, Platform Circle seeks to make collaboration, accountability, and personal development as easy as possible. 

Platform Circle allows users to set goals, create reminders, track projects, communicate with key team members, and more, to give their productivity a boost. This tool is quite an innovative take on Project Management UX and it offers many powerful features that can make the kind of positive difference that will drive a new level of growth and success.

The concept of Platform Circle is simple yet effective. It consists of managing tasks and projects through Circles, which leads to more empowered and productive teams, satisfied customers, and greater profitability. The space the platform offers can contain all projects, teams, and files so you can bust silos and get the organization to work as one.

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“I’ve always wanted to find an easier way to manage circles of key connections and collaborate better. That’s what inspired me to take this on,” says Rotimi Kehinde. “It’s a platform that helps you focus on meeting your goals with support from your tribe. It’s truly an all-in-one project management and productivity tool.”
Platform Circle also allows you to share your vision, not only with teams but also with mentors. This drives accountability and encourages transparency and connection, leading to greater motivation. The Client tracker is also simplified and made more effective on Platform Circle because it provides a CRM platform focused on eliminating redundancies and leveraging data that matters. It’s a must-have for founders and ridiculously low-priced.

Perhaps one of the most valuable upcoming features in Platform Circle’s roadmap is effective reporting, which allows users to analyze their workflow and business needs. Reviewing your performance at the end of each week or month allows you to take assertive and informed action to improve the way your organization operates. 

Platform Circle has all the makings of a powerful and effective tool right out of the box, but there’s room for even more greatness. Rotimi and his team plan on adding even more features, such as an interactive task manager and a mentor circle directory, to increase the capabilities of the platform. 

If you’d like to get started with Platform Circle or stay up-to-date with future upgrades, visit their website here!


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