Here Comes the Sun: 8 Essential Items To Pack for Your Next Desert Getaway

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The sun is out, summer’s here, and it’s the perfect time to get away from all your troubles and plan a relaxing trip to the desert. While you might think that desert towns are all dust tumbleweeds, think again! There are so many fun summer activities to try during a trip to the desert: you can lay by the pool, enjoy nature hikes at nearby national parks, and practice your swing at a local golf course. 

Whether you’re planning the ultimate solo getaway or a bachelorette weekend for the books, the desert is an ideal destination for fun in the sun. You just need to make sure you pack all the essentials to make this trip your best one yet. 

1. Catch the Desert Rays Wearing a Solid & Striped Bikini

Here Comes the Sun: 8 Essential Items To Pack for Your Next Desert Getaway

Photo Source: Solid & Striped

Deserts are dry, meaning most of the year, iconic desert vacation locations can get hot, hot, hot! Beat the heat by hanging at the pool at your hotel or Airbnb with your friends. Sip on a cocktail and read a good book while you get your tan on. When things start to feel too toasty, you can jump in the water to cool off. Then take a nap in the sun while you air dry.

Your vacation persona deserves a special bikini, the kind of swimsuit worthy of being seen in. Choose a bikini that flatters your body type and helps you feel confident in your skin. Solid & Striped has a line of luxury designer bikinis sure to suit your figure and signature style.

Choose from unique patterns and bold colors to find a suit that helps you pop at the pool. Each design features tops and bottoms of different styles and cuts to help you find a fit that best flatters your unique body shape. They have tops with underwire for more support, bandeaus to help you avoid tan lines, and sporty tops for better coverage while you swim laps.

Pick from multiple styles of bottoms in the same color or pattern, including high-waist, string, and cheeky. You can mix and match their bikini separates to create a unique look. Find the combination that best suits your desert vacation persona and hit the pool in style. In a Solid & Striped bikini, you’ll be sure to make a splash.    

2. Get Your Glow On and Protect Your Skin With Kopari’s Broad Spectrum SPF Sunscreen 

If you plan to lay out in the hot sun all day, you’ll need an effective broad spectrum SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Not only is a sunburn a total buzzkill to any vacation, but sun damage can cause premature signs of aging and even skin cancer. You want to keep your skin looking young and youthful. 

You can still get a gorgeous glow without submitting your skin to the harmful effects of the sun. Kopari’s Sun Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen has a unique gel formula that protects your skin from sun exposure while giving you a gorgeous and hydrated glow. Unlike traditional sunscreens, Kopari glides on seamlessly and quickly absorbs into the skin. It won’t transfer onto your bikini or leave you feeling sticky or oily. You can still get a gorgeous glow without submitting your skin to the harmful effects of the sun. 

Kopari includes skin-loving ingredients like macadamia, hibiscus, avocado, and coconut oils to protect and repair skin while delivering a healthy glow. They also add a touch of sustainably sourced micah to add a subtle shimmer to your skin in the sunlight. Choose from their Original Gold or limited edition Rose Gold, apply every forty minutes, and get your glow on during your vacation. 

3. Craft Delicious Cocktails and Smoothies To Sip by the Pool With a Portable Hand Blender From Mueller  

When you check into an Airbnb or hotel, you can never be sure what amenities will be included in their kitchen. You’ll need an ice-cold drink to help you cool down on those long afternoons in the hot desert sun. Relying on hitting up the poolside bar for frozen cocktails all day long can get pricey fast. 

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on daiquiris, make your own by packing this portable hand blender from Mueller. This tiny blender packs a punch with nine changeable speeds, giving you the perfect consistency for all your frozen treats. Add ingredients like frozen strawberries, simple syrup, lime juice, and rum to a tall glass. Stick the immersion hand blender in, and you’ll have a fresh, frosty strawberry daiquiri in minutes. 

You can use your Mueller hand blender for more than just cocktails. Whip up some healthy smoothies before heading to a sunrise yoga class. You can also change the blender head for a whisk to quickly throw together some pancake batter or use the frother attachment to froth up your oat milk to top off your iced latte. 

You’ll use this hand blender beyond a few days of vacation. In fact, it may become one of the kitchen tools you simply can’t live without. 

4. Upgrade Your Hotel or Airbnb Pool With Pool Floats From FUNBOY

Here Comes the Sun: 8 Essential Items To Pack for Your Next Desert Getaway

Photo Source: FUNBOY

Floating in the pool is the perfect way to relax and recharge on a hot day in the desert. But most hotels and Airbnbs don’t offer pool floats. If they do, it’s probably only a basic pool noodle — not the best vessel for relaxing in the water. 

Upgrade your hotel or Airbnb pool with fun and fabulous pool floats from FUNBOY. These inflatable pool floats are easy to fold and pack in your suitcase and quickly blow up once you reach your destination. Cool off in one of their Glitter Mesh Loungers, which allow just enough water in the bottom to keep you cool while you float about the pool. 

If you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, you may want something with a bit more flair. FUNBOY’s Blue Sol Giant Cabana Day Club is 10ft long by 7ft wide and comfortably fits four. You and your friends can relax in style! It even has central storage space for drinks and a speaker, so you can keep the party going all day long. 

5. Carry All Your Essentials to the Pool in an Adorable Tote by Like Dreams

Here Comes the Sun: 8 Essential Items To Pack for Your Next Desert Getaway

Photo Source: Like Dreams

Vacation girlies know they’ll be heading back and forth to the pool multiple times daily. You’ll catch some sun in the morning with your coffee. Then head to breakfast when the rest of your crew wakes up, maybe take a little day’s adventure, and head back to the pool for sunset cocktails. 

You need a cute tote to carry all your essentials from your room to the pool. Plus, a small bag for hitting up restaurants and nightlife in town. Like Dreams has an extensive collection of feminine totes and bags to suit any style. Throw your rolled-up pool towel, SPF, and magazine in one of their straw tote purses to travel to and from the pool. 

When you’re ready to head out for the night, throw your phone and room key into a clutch or bag from their glimmering “A Night to Remember” collection. These signature bags featuring luxurious rhinestone mesh will complement any nightlife look.

6. Experience Summer Nightlife in Style in a Head to Toe Look From Naked Wardrobe 

Here Comes the Sun: 8 Essential Items To Pack for Your Next Desert Getaway

Photo Source: Naked Wardrobe

If you’re staying in a popular desert town like Palm Springs or Joshua Tree, there’s a good chance you’ll want to check out the fun bars and nightclubs in town. In order to look your best, create your signature summer nightlife look with a new outfit from Naked Wardrobe.

Naked Wardrobe curates unique collections that allow you to express your unique sense of style. Collections include Vinyl, Cargo, Crocodile, and Butter. Create a summer Barbie look in the bright pink tube dress from their Vinyl collection, or you could keep it sleek and sci-fi in one of their black holographic pieces. 

If Vinyl isn’t for you, play up your inner tomboy in a chic Cargo look. Pair their low-rise Camo Cargo pants with the matching Camo Crop top. Even though the baggy pants and camo print are more of a masculine style, the feminine cut of the crop top balances the look and keeps it subtle and sexy. 

Want to keep your Palm Springs desert look even more down to earth? Use basics from the Butter Collection, like the Butter Up Mini Skirt and Scoop That Butter Top, for a comfortable outfit to dance the night away. No matter what collection suits your style, Naked Wardrobe is uniquely designed to snatch your figure and have you looking your best when you hit the town. 

7. Pack Your Clubs in the TourTreck TC Pro Travel Cover and Play Some Desert Golf 

From Scottsdale to Palm Springs to El Paso to Albuquerque, the desert offers the perfect climate for playing golf. Next time you’re headed to a desert location like the ones mentioned above, pack your clubs and make a plan to get a few swings in at a local golf course. 

If you’re flying to your desert destination, you’ll want to protect your clubs once they’re checked onto the flight. The TourTeck TC Pro Travel Cover conveniently fits over your golf bag to keep clubs padded on the flight. Soft edges keep this from being too heavy, and in-line wheels make it easy to transport from the airport to your hotel. Plus, the TourTeck travel cover has a separate compartment for your golf shoes; you won’t have to worry about muddy golf shoes staining any of the clothes in your suitcase. Reserve your tee time early and get your 18 holes done in the morning before the heat becomes too oppressive.

8. Fight Fatigue With L’Evate You and Make the Most of Every Day of Vacation 

Here Comes the Sun: 8 Essential Items To Pack for Your Next Desert Getaway

Photo Source: L’Evate You

You don’t want to miss any of the fun activities you have planned for your desert getaway. If you’re tired every day, you won’t be able to experience as many golf courses, take in the local sights, or hang by the pool. Don’t let fatigue hold you back from having the vacation you deserve. 

Supplement your diet with L’Evate You and help boost your energy at the cellular level. L’Evate You combines a unique blend of daily greens with signature M-charge, supporting your digestive and cardiovascular system and allowing your body to function at its best. M-charge works to repair cell damage and improve your mitochondria’s ability to create energy. 

Even if you are no longer in your prime, L’Evate You can get you back to the energy levels you had in your youth. Mix up their Tart Cherry or Chocolate Vitality Daily Greens Powder in a glass of water to start your day off right and maximize your energy levels. Start supplementing with L’Evate You a few days or weeks before your vacation to enjoy sustained energy that lasts.   

Enjoy Summer Fun in the Hot Desert Sun 

Are you ready for the ultimate desert getaway? Where will you go first? Will you pack up your SPF in a cute Like Dreams tote and lay by the pool in a Solid & Striped bikini? Or are you more excited to slip on a Vinyl dress from Naked Wardrobe and enjoy cocktails in a local bar? This checklist can ensure you pack all the essentials to make the most of your desert adventure.


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