7th Grader, Mason Monahan, Launches Interior Design Directory After Losing Home to Fire

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When a tragic house fire left 12-year-old Mason Monahan and his family without a home in April 2023, the North Carolina 7th grader could have crumbled under the devastating loss. Instead, Mason resolved to turn his passion for interior design into an opportunity to show other kids his age that they too can achieve almost anything, even if they’re temporarily homeless, if they set their minds to it.

He launched InteriorDesigner.org – the world’s most comprehensive online directory connecting interior design professionals with prospective clients. In just months after starting his online business, Mason’s website has skyrocketed to over 500 listed designers that seek to get in front of the 130,000 potential new clients that search for an interior designer every month.

Operating a high-growth start-up while attending middle school, and being without a permanent home, forced Mason to rapidly develop business skills far beyond his years. Remarkably, he now leads a team of 3 employees that he manages daily after classes as founder and CEO.

Mason’s incredible journey as such a young entrepreneur has been featured widely across major media outlets like Forbes and Bloomberg Business. But for the design-focused 7th grader, InteriorDesigner.org means even more than business success.

The income Mason earns from the directory provides crucial financial stability for rebuilding his family’s life after unthinkable loss. He also dreams that one day, his start-up profits could allow him to buy his mom a new permanent home.

After a catastrophic fire left them displaced, Mason found hope by turning his passion into a purpose. At just 12 years old, he has embodied the American entrepreneurial spirit by building a thriving business from tragedy.

Mason also hopes to inspire more youth to start their own ventures. “When I first launched InteriorDesigner.org, my goal was to share my passion for interior design while also earning enough to help my mom buy a new home after ours burned down,” said Mason Monahan, Founder and CEO.

“I hoped I could build a small business that connected clients with talented designers, making the world a little better in the process. I never imagined so many incredible designers would rally around my story and join the directory. I’m truly grateful and committed to improving the platform every day so that our members see an outstanding return on their investment.”

Monahan continued, “Even though I’m only 12, I want to keep learning and growing as an entrepreneur. My customers are my top priority. By constantly making the directory more valuable for both clients and design professionals, I believe we can build something extraordinary together. This is only the beginning.”

Through relentless effort and dedication, Mason has built InteriorDesigner.org into a flourishing directory poised for even greater success. He continues enhancing offerings while building his own interior design expertise, with plans to join the industry someday.

Mason’s start-up hasn’t just helped him recover after devastation – he has positioned himself as a pioneering example for young entrepreneurs everywhere. He proves that with determination and grit, even kids can turn adversity into opportunity.

While endlessly challenging, Mason’s entrepreneurial journey has empowered him with a sense of control and hope after experiencing loss. His interior design platform has ignited a spark for the future.

With extraordinary drive and maturity beyond his years, this young founder continues reaching for new heights. Mason Monahan’s story serves as inspiration that we all have the potential to turn pain into purpose. At just 12 years old, Mason Monahan reminds us all that with enough passion and dedication, we can achieve almost anything we set our minds to.

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