Hamza Tantawi is a 39-year-old biomedical engineer. He has been working as a Biomedical Engineer for 20 years and, for the last 13 years, has been a technical area manager for a German company. Hamza draws his inspiration from his wife and kids, family and friends. He wants to be perceived as someone live and online. He is a believer of faith whose heart has been attached to God and who believes in good well-being. Hamza thinks the most important thing is what he wants in life despite considering the pressure as an essential thing. Hamza’s goal clarified what he needed to do next, and with a strong heart filled with God’s trust, he had the most important key in his life. 

Life Changing Moment

Hamza lost his mother at only five years old and his dad at 20 years old. His life-changing moment has always been having a vision for the future since childhood. Despite losing his parents, Hamza has always thought of making them proud, which keeps him going to achieve his goals. He looks back, sees where he has come from, and cannot believe how far he has come. He is happy he has made it that far. He believes that success is a short but firm word, which holds a lot, and he constantly thinks of it.

Hamza Tantawi Goals and Advice

In 2023, Hamza’s goal is to open the second branch for Ultimate Tune Ltd in the Middle East, next to stages 2 and 3 with TritchyGT350, Mustang. His long-term vision is to grow step by step in the sports car world to the supercar tuning. Hamza’s mistake in life has been trusting the wrong person. He views this as an experience for the future and nothing more. He advises anyone trying to achieve in the entrepreneurship world. Life is not easy, and you will face challenges, but believe in yourself, work hard and never give up since obstacles are always everywhere but are just obstacles and nothing more. 

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