We Outside Mobile Hookah: A Beale Street Sensation Founded by Marcus Lewis

We Outside Mobile Hookah: A Beale Street Sensation Founded by Marcus Lewis
Photo Courtesy: Marcus Lewis

By: Lennard James  

In the heart of Memphis, where the vibrant energy of Beale Street comes alive, one business has become a standout favorite among locals and visitors alike. We Outside Mobile Hookah, an innovative and portable hookah company founded by Marcus Lewis, has been transforming the traditional hookah experience, earning acclaim and a dedicated following since its inception three years ago.   

The brainchild of Marcus Lewis, an entrepreneur with a passion for hookah, We Outside Mobile Hookah started as a small venture on Beale Street. The concept was simple yet revolutionary: providing hookah in a cup. This portable and on-the-go approach immediately captured the attention of patrons, making We Outside a fast-favorite in the heart of Memphis.  

What sets We Outside Mobile Hookah apart is not just its unique concept but also the personalized and interactive experience it offers. Customers have the opportunity to witness the creation of their hookah from scratch, right in front of them. The process begins with customers selecting their preferred flavor, and for those feeling adventurous, there’s the option to mix two flavors. The result is a custom-made hookah crafted to perfection, ensuring a memorable smoking experience.  

The success of We Outside Mobile Hookah can be attributed to its presence in various clubs across Memphis. The business has expanded beyond its Beale Street roots, reaching new audiences and gaining popularity among top artists, celebrities, and everyday patrons. The support from the community, both in Memphis and from other cities, has been instrumental in the growth of We Outside.  

One of the remarkable aspects of We Outside Mobile Hookah is its diverse clientele. While hookah has been a cultural phenomenon for years, We Outside has managed to carve a niche audience, with women between the ages of 21 to 45 comprising a significant portion of their customers. The appeal lies not only in the quality of the hookah but also in the unique and enjoyable experience that We Outside provides.  

Marcus Lewis, as the CEO and Founder, attributes the success of We Outside Mobile Hookah to the belief that if you have an idea, you should put it out there and take a chance on yourself. His entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to innovate have turned a simple concept into a thriving business that has become synonymous with Beale Street’s lively atmosphere.  

The business’s social media presence, particularly on Instagram (@weoutsidehookah), has become a testament to its popularity and the diverse community it serves. Photos and testimonials from satisfied customers, including top artists and celebrities, highlight the widespread appeal of We Outside Mobile Hookah.  

If you find yourself strolling down Beale Street in Memphis, make sure to stop by We Outside Mobile Hookah. The chance to experience the best hookah ever, expertly crafted and enjoyed on the spot, is an opportunity not to be missed. As Marcus Lewis says, “If you’re ever on Beale Street Memphis, stop by and get the best hookah ever because we will be outside!” We Outside Mobile Hookah, under the leadership of Marcus Lewis, is not just a business; it’s an experience, a community, and a testament to the power of taking chances on innovative ideas. 

Published by: Martin De Juan


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