Warriors make a statement in Game 2 of NBA Finals

While the Warriors could not take victory in Game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals, they tied it up at one game apiece with an impressive 107- 88 score in Game 2.

The Warriors weren’t about to let their invincible reputation get away so easily following their loss in Game 1. They came back and won Game 2 by a wide margin, proving once again how dominant their scoring roster is.

Stephen Curry was on fire inside the court, scoring 29 points during the game – making five three-pointers out of twelve attempts. Meanwhile, Jayson Tatum did not let it slip as he scored 28 and made six rebounds.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr expressed his amusement at Curry’s performance during the game, particularly in the 3rd quarter, where he made several three-pointers, leading the team to score 35 points in just one quarter while Boston only had 14.

“Steph was breathtaking in that third quarter,” Kerr told the media post-game. “Not just the shot-making but the defensive effort. He just doesn’t get enough credit for his level of conditioning, physicality and defense.

“People go at him to try to wear him down because they know how important he is to us offensively. And it is pretty dramatic, the difference in Steph’s strength and physicality between now and when I first got here eight years ago.

“The guy is amazing; he just keeps working.”

The fans watching inside Chase Center showed solid support for the Warriors after they lost Game 1.

The Warriors took a two-point lead into halftime, leading 52-50 at the break.

The crowd went wild after the Warriors’ explosive performance in the third quarter. This gave them enough momentum to widen their lead from two points at halftime to 23 by the end of the quarter.

The three-pronged attack of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green is one that has become legendary. They were vital to their team’s victory marking their career-high 18 Finals win.

The Celtics were not able to turn the tide in their favor, even losing ball possessions 19 times. They had many opportunities for success, but it just didn’t work out during the game.

Celtics head coach Ime Ukoda said in an interview, “For us, that was a little disappointing.”

“That’s kind of been a constant theme in the playoffs. When that happens, we’re in trouble.”

Game 3 will be played in Boston this Wednesday.

Source: CNN


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