Visionary Entrepreneur Tamira Chapman, Enterprising Women of the Year Award Winner, Named Keynote Speaker for Subscription Summit 2023

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Tamira Chapman, an accomplished entrepreneur, attorney, and philanthropist, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of business. As the founder, President, and CEO of Storehouse In A Box, LLC (“Storehouse”), she has built a legacy of empowerment through her successful data-driven merchandising company dedicated to supporting non-profits worldwide in generating sustainable revenue streams. 

Ranked #4 on the Women Presidents Organization’s 2022 Women 2 Watch list and #8 on The 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies of 2022, Chapman has demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and resilience in her industry. Her remarkable achievements are a testament to her hard work, dedication, and passion for empowering women and driving positive change in the world of business. As a trailblazing female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, Chapman’s success serves as an inspiration and motivation for other aspiring women entrepreneurs to break boundaries and pursue their dreams, proving that with determination and the right support network, anything is possible.

Operating out of Michigan, Storehouse is a leading data-driven merchandising service company in the manufacturing industry. With a primary focus on empowering non-profits, Storehouse specializes in helping these organizations build new, sustainable revenue streams through consumer goods. By leveraging data analytics, Storehouse effectively makes critical decisions related to design, manufacturing, and marketing, ensuring the success of their clients’ ventures.

Over its seven-year history, Storehouse boasts over $150M in revenues. The company has provided services for various industries, with plans to expand further and become the premier woman-owned global merchandising company.

Her journey to success did not come without its fair share of hurdles. One of the most significant challenges Tamira Chapman faced as a budding female entrepreneur was balancing the demands of her thriving business with her personal life, including raising a family and actively engaging in community philanthropy and volunteering. By setting boundaries, prioritizing tasks, and seeking help from her support network, Tamira has managed to balance her personal life and business demands. Now a member of multiple organizations that promote innovation and growth for women entrepreneurs, Chapman mentors girls and young women, sharing her knowledge and experiences to help them succeed.

As a dedicated philanthropist, Chapman has raised millions of dollars for U.S. non-profits and provided essential support to villages and schools in Uganda. She is also a board director for Innovation Africa and the Charles H. Wright Museum. Her passion for entrepreneurship is evident in her advisory work, guiding businesses in developing e-commerce and manufacturing programs, while engaging in global philanthropy efforts.

Chapman’s unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the world, both through her business and her philanthropy, makes her an inspiring role model for women and entrepreneurs everywhere. As she continues to grow her business and support underrepresented communities, her legacy is undoubtedly one of innovation, empowerment, and positive change.

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