TrueFanz Creates a Safer Environment for Content Creators to Showcase Their Expertise in Their Respective Fields

With the world ushered into the age of technology, more people have been spending more time on their gadgets surfing the web and going through new apps. While YouTube may have been one of the original sources for content creators, more platforms have been developed, paving the way for the next generation of funny and creative individuals. The latest app to hit the digital landscape is TrueFanz.

TrueFanz is an online platform that allows talented individuals to generate revenue showcasing their expertise in their respective fields. The app was developed for creators to engage with their audiences while doing what they loved. Additionally, TrueFanz was developed with a membership platform wherein audiences can tune into their subscription service to continue supporting their favorite content creators.

The app is built for creators to receive higher and faster payouts with more features to monetize. While the initial introduction may lead prospective members to think it is another branch of OnlyFans, TrueFanz prohibits pornographic content and has a screenshot detection feature, ensuring the content creators’ safety.

TrueFanz was conceptualized by Tim, Vineet, and Logan in 2019 when they realized that traditional social media platforms had major problems for content creators. While they were benefiting from the views and the massive followings, they were compensated with small amounts. Additionally, creators often found themselves censored, throttling their total reach due to algorithms.

“We decided to change that,” said the trio. “So we built a platform that puts the creator in control.”

After spending a year in development, the concept that later became TrueFanz was launched in 2020 with the mission of empowering content creators and brands so they could benefit from a predictable and consistent income for their creative work online. Tim, Vineet, and Logan believe that content creators deserve better than how they’ve been treated. They enjoy connecting with creators on the platform and sponsoring events to discover the wide array of creators out there.

“We’ve found that when we build strong relationships with our creators, they have a much higher rate of success,” said the TrueFanz team. “We will always listen with the intent to serve our creators.”

Although other platforms provide similar services, TrueFanz is a platform that puts the rewards and safety of its creators above all else. Apart from the prohibition of pornographic content, creators are in good hands with the level of content security that the platform provides, removing the possibilities of harassment so the creators can focus on doing their business. They will also benefit from faster payouts and higher earnings, a problem that has plagued social media and other streaming platforms for years. Additionally, content creators will also benefit from the lifetime referral program, opening the door to new opportunities in the long run.

“We actively ask our creators, “What can we do to be better?” These conversations have led to the development of new features and functionality, which, in turn, has helped our creators generate even more income,” revealed the TrueFanz team.

Approaching its second year on the digital landscape, Tim, Vineet, and Logan are optimistic about utilizing TrueFanz to help millions of creators worldwide benefit from their hard work and creativity online.


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