7 Activities to Perform on Your Trip to the Philippines

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When it comes to going on international tours, there are various things you would need to get a chance for in your home country. So, if you are planning a trip to the Philippines, go through the list we shared.

This way, you could make the most of your trip and have the best time exploring unique places and activities. So, without dawdling any further, check out the list below!

1. Go Sightseeing

Sightseeing is one of the most common yet underrated activities you could perform abroad. There are many places in the Philippines where you can explore early in the morning.

The museums, art galleries, historical sites, etc., would be a great way to understand the history and present of this country.

You could also enjoy the local delicacies on your trip while taking short breaks in the mid and making small talk with the friendly locals!

2. Visit Parks and Beaches

For days you aren’t up for long adventures, you can pack a lovely basket of food and drinks and camp at a nice park or beach.

It could be an excellent way to bond with your friends or have some quiet me-time if you are on a solo trip. You could also join a few apps and meet people that way as a tourist, as a local there might be happy to show you around and invite you for a nice meal with their family!

Be careful, though, and always keep pepper spray with you if you are a woman!

3. Party!

If you have a wild bone in your body, then this is the best activity for you. People in the Philippines are great at partying and could show you a great time if you are open to adventures and letting the vibe take you to different places.

One of the most common places to party in the Philippines is the Aplaya Beach Bar. They also have a stunning fire show which could leave you in awe, and later on, enjoy the upbeat tunes the DJ plays for you.

4. Stay Indoors and Chill

For days you wish to relax, stay indoors, and just do nothing, this is what you can do to make that time entertaining. Being on a trip and spending time outdoors frequently could tire you out, so we suggest ordering your favourite meal and catching up on your favourite shows.

Platforms like Discovery Plus contain various popular shows and movies to stream. You can explore the library of Discovery Plus Philippines and spend the whole day bingeing and regaining your energy for the next day.

5. Share Meals with the Locals

Philippian delicacies are quite enjoyable for many people who visit the country. We suggest sharing a nice meal, like a barbecue or a seafood boil (perks of living near waters!) at a local restaurant and making friends with the owner or people sitting nearby.

Be watchful for Balut, though, as it’s their unique and slightly disturbing delicacy, consisting of a fertilised duck egg that people enjoy eating. If you are up for making bold food choices, we suggest trying it!

6. Explore Caves

If you are a guy, this could probably be the only time it’s politically correct to become a caveman! We are kidding, of course, but it’s no joke how stunning and majestic the caves are in the Philippines, which would be a memorable thing for you to explore and spend some time in.

We strongly suggest exploring the Sohoton Caves and Callao Cave, as their striking beauty would leave you stunned. This is a great way for you to explore the wonders this wonderful country hides within itself and take away some cherished memories back home.

7. Sunbathe Near the Hot Springs

Finally, a long hot day of exploring and travelling requires some cooling off by the waters. For that, we suggest you cut loose and lay low at the Hot Springs, like the Ardent Hot Spring, Maquinit Hot Springs, or the Puning Hot Springs tour in Pampanga.

You may be required to hike up there, but it is stunning and would make a wonderful (and worthy) trip as you finally enjoy the view and feel of water to calm away all the stress and soreness of the entire day.

Final Thoughts

With the activities we shared with you in this blog, we are positive that you would love performing them as you plan your trip to the Philippines.

If you are travelling solo, chances are that you will make friends and unforgettable memories as you plan your next trip to another stunning location. 

Feel free to add your own points which you are curious about, and enjoy your trip to the fullest! Let us know which part was your favourite and what more you would like to get from us in the future!

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