The Undeniable Impact on Persuasion Experience’s Unseen Success Stories

The Undeniable Impact on Persuasion Experience’s Unseen Success Stories
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In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, Alisha Conlin-Hurd and Matt Craike, the visionaries behind Persuasion Experience (PX), are not just crafting their own success story; they are rewriting the narratives of businesses they touch. As we delve into their journey, it’s not just about the milestones; it’s about the profound impact they’ve had on their clients. PX’s journey isn’t just a trajectory from cold calls to billion-dollar brilliance; it’s a symphony of success composed for businesses worldwide. Behind the scenes, Alisha and Matt are orchestrating transformations that go beyond conventional marketing.

Take, for instance, Linktree, a billion-dollar brand that partnered with Persuasion Experience. By implementing the Golden Hippo Offer system, Linktree witnessed a surge in conversion rates, resulting in more leads, customers and market share. Alisha and Matt’s unique approach didn’t just elevate Linktree’s brand positioning; it turned their marketing into an unstoppable force.

Kogan, another heavyweight in the business world, collaborated with PX to navigate the competitive landscape. Through the Persuasion Experience, Kogan not only strengthened its market presence but also saw a significant boost in revenue. The results were beyond financial; they were a testament to PX’s commitment to delivering outcomes that matter.

PX’s client success stories are etched with tales of businesses that transitioned from modest beginnings to industry trailblazers. It’s not just about financial numbers or for billion-dollar brands; it’s about the tangible, transformative impact experienced by their diverse clientele. In 2023, Persuasion Experience started to teach its frameworks and systems to help other agency owners through self-paced courses and coaching programs.  Delivering near-instant results, like one student who took the Golden Hippo Offer Workshop and closed 7 new clients in 4 days.

Many agency owners have successfully utilized the Golden Hippo Offer and PX Systems to establish a reliable and predictable source of lead generation for their businesses. To date, they’ve assisted over 1,000 business owners in crafting offers that effectively attract and generate clients.

As PX introduces ‘The PX Accelerator,’ a coaching program designed for agency owners, Alisha and Matt continue to empower entrepreneurs. An agency owner entered ‘The PX Accelerator’ with a portfolio of clients but struggled to get consistency and predictable growth. Through the program’s proven system, the agency owner not only refined their offer but also built a lead generation machine. Within three months, the agency reported a 30% increase in high-paying clients.

Alisha and Matt’s impressive journey, shown through success stories that are easy to follow, goes beyond regular business tales. As Alisha and Matt continue to forge ahead, the true heroes of the PX narrative emerge—the countless businesses that have flourished under their guidance, the entrepreneurs who have found unwavering support, and the tangible results that reverberate through their success stories. PX is not merely changing the game; it is orchestrating a paradigm shift, rewriting the rules of how business should be conceived, executed, and celebrated in 2023 and beyond. 


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