The Ultimate Guide to Car Protection: Insights from Patrick Cohen, the Car Care Expert

Cars are expensive, and when you buy one, you want to do everything you can to keep it running well for a long time. This is where car protection/maintenance comes in. Regular servicing not only helps keep your car looking new but also ensures longevity and minimizes depreciation.

Whether you just purchased a new car or have been driving your current car for years, there are several steps you can take to protect your vehicle from damage and keep it looking its best for years. We spoke with car care expert, Patrick Cohen, on this.

Patrick Cohen is a well-known car care expert with decades of experience in the automotive industry. He is the CEO of CarCover, one of the top car cover manufacturers and suppliers today. CarCover/ sells car covers, RV covers, golf cart covers, and many more.

Patrick Cohen’s car tips will help protect your car and keep it in good condition:

  • Use a Sunshade

Direct sunlight for extended hours is bad, even for cars. It can damage your car’s paint job, dashboard, seats, and more, which is one of the main reasons it is advisable to park vehicles in shaded areas like garages. Using a sunshade protects your car from damage caused by the sun’s rays and other elements.

  • Use a Car Cover

You can use car covers as an alternative to sunshades. Sometimes, it is hard to find shaded parking on the streets. A car cover will help you keep the paint looking newer and reduce your trips to the car wash. 

Cohen explains that a car cover works more like a sunshade. It helps protect against the sun, which can cause damage to the car’s interior and exterior, especially during summer when the car is left exposed for long periods. 

A car cover also shields your vehicle from rain, snow, and scratches and dings on your paint for people who park outside. 

  • Wax Your Car

Try waxing your car more regularly. According to Patrick Cohen, waxing can help you maintain the ‘brand new’ look even after using the vehicle for years. Waxing helps prevent fading, discoloration, and even scratching, as most scratches occur on the outermost layer. 

Cohen recommends waxing your car at least two to three times a year, using a high-quality car wax that contains UV protection.

  • Regular Maintenance

Change your oil, replace your cabin air filter, brake pads, tires, suspension system, and everything else. Cohen explains that taking care of a car’s exterior without investing in the interior doesn’t do much in maintaining the value, as functionality mainly determines the price. He recommends changing the oil every 5,000 miles and a cabin filter at least every 12 months or after 12000 miles.

  • Keep Your Car Clean

Lastly, wash your car regularly. Dirt, grime, and other contaminants can damage your car’s paint job over time, making it look old and unroadworthy, so it’s important to regularly clean your car. 

Additionally, Cohen notes the need to invest in the right cleaning products. He recommends avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges that can scratch or damage your car’s paint job.

To conclude, car care/maintenance is an important aspect of car ownership and highly affects the driver’s and passenger’s safety, the car’s value, and longevity. By following the above tips, you can keep your vehicle in a better condition and maintain its value for years to come.


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