The Rise of Fatima Alshubaili: A Saudi Visionary Redefining Business and Diplomacy

Fatima Alshubaili
Photo Courtesy: Cattleya Studio

By: Mae Cornes

A new and impactful chapter in global business and diplomacy is being written by women leading the charge toward transformative change. Fatima Alshubaili, a visionary in strategic partnerships, stakeholder management, and international affairs, is paving the path for Saudi women and the broader business and diplomatic landscape. 

Hailing from Saudi Arabia and with a remarkable academic background, Alshubaili holds a master’s in Financial Analysis and Political Economics from the prestigious Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Her dedication to advancing her skills led her to take Harvard Business School’s “Preparing to be a Corporate Director: Board of Directors” program. 

The Strategic Genius of Alshubaili

With her wealth of knowledge in financial analysis and political economics, it’s no surprise that Alshubaili made significant contributions on a national and international scale. 

Her career spans nearly two decades of influential roles that showcase business acumen with diplomatic finesse, from critical positions for the United Nations Saudi Arabia Mission to stakeholders management and strategic alliances at NEOM. As one of the first Saudi women representing Saudi interests internationally,  her work has broken ground and empowered more women in her field and beyond. 

Leadership, for me, has always been about bridging cultures, solving problems, and building lasting partnerships,” Alshubaili reflects, resonating with the depth of her experience in overseeing initiatives and programs. She commits to excel within her roles and transform them entirely.

Mentorship and Influence

Central to Alshubaili’s narrative is the indelible mark left by her late uncle and mentor, Dr. Abdulrahman AlShubaily, a pioneering figure in Saudi media. His contributions to establishing Saudi Arabia’s media and his academic achievements in the USA provided Alshubaili with a model of strategic foresight and intellectual grit.

He taught me the value of forging your own path and the importance of intellectual curiosity,” Alshubaili shares. “His legacy is deeply rooted in his contributions to the Shura Council and the Supreme Council of Information. It mirrors our shared commitment to a pioneering spirit and quest for knowledge.”

This foundation laid the groundwork for a career that would later see her navigating the complexities of international relations and business strategy with unparalleled skill.

Redefining Leadership in a Changing World

Global dynamics are rapidly evolving, and it’s clear that Alshubaili’s work outpaces standard expectations in her field.  Her career trajectory took an exciting turn as she transitioned to the iconic NEOM project, emblematic of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. At NEOM, she dedicated most of her time to being a member of NEOM’s CEO and the Chief of Staff’s office, working in strategy and stakeholder management. “NEOM was both a project and a glimpse into the future of how business, technology, and society could converge,” she says.

Today, as the Chief of Staff for Strategy & Corporate Development, Alshubaili’s work intersects diplomacy and business in her consultancy journey in UAE. Her development initiatives, from post-conflict resolution to international trade and economic development, reflect a deep understanding of the global landscape.

Alshubaili’s trilingual proficiency in English, Spanish, and Arabic, combined with her expertise in governance, foreign investments, and strategic partnerships, all make her a leader in redefining the boundaries of business and diplomacy. 

 “The essence of leadership,” Alshubaili notes, “is in building bridges—between cultures, disciplines, and perspectives.” Her impact is perhaps best encapsulated in her vision for the future of strategic partnerships and international affairs. “The future is about creating ecosystems where  diverse voices thrive and are not just heard, but are integral to decision-making.

A Legacy of Leadership and Vision

Brilliant minds like Alshubaili offer a multifaceted approach to development and cross-cultural collaboration. Enriched by her mentor’s legacy and her own unparalleled achievements, she inspires future leaders worldwide. 

Strategic foresight is not just a buzzword but a pillar upon which we can build a better world,” Alshubaili concludes. As a Saudi woman making significant strides in the traditionally male-dominated fields of business and politics, she continues to be a figure of empowerment and change, breaking stereotypes and shaping a bright, inclusive future. Her story illustrates the profound influence of leadership—one that overhauls the possibilities for the next generation of leaders, especially women. 


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