Taylor Rochestie Introduces Unique Perspective on Transformation and Individual Empowerment Through Positive Vision

Athlete and author Taylor Rochestie exhibits inspiring dedication to self-improvement both on and off-court. As a thought leader, his unique perspective provides guidance to a global audience on developing the authentic self. Rochestie’s new book, “A New 20/20 Vision,” empowers readers to design their destiny.

Taylor Rochestie is a professional basketball player whose career now spans over 11 years. Millions have enjoyed seeing his abilities on the court, developed through hard work and dedication. As an athlete, Rochestie displays a keen awareness of the opportunity he has to learn and grow each day. His focus on gaining new skills and becoming a better player is part of his grander vision of bringing happiness to other people’s lives.

The same commitment to self-improvement that he channels as a professional athlete serves as the foundation in his career off-court. Taylor Rochestie is also a husband, father, author, and speaker. In fulfilling these various roles, Rochestie offers his unique perspective that positively impacts the people who engage with him. Rochestie gained this perspective by being a true student of life. He has lived in 12 different countries, immersing himself in local cultures and interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Regardless of where he finds himself, he stands ready to learn universal truths.  

Taylor Rochestie is currently hitting the media circuit to promote his latest book, “A New 20/20 Vision: Cultivate Joy, Reprogram Your Mind, and Define Life Through an Authentic Lens.” In the book, the thought leader explores how a purpose-driven outlook cultivates positivity and happiness. Optimism, of course, has always characterized Rochestie’s style. Even as a basketball player, his primary motivation for playing well was to see the audience smile.

“A New 20/20 Vision” is specially targeted to athletes or athletic individuals who are mindful but desire to become more conscious with their lives. Taylor Rochestie empathizes with those who have been considered underdogs. More importantly, he knows the tools necessary for a person to gain more control over their destiny.

Adventure seekers who pursue a wide variety of interests can also benefit significantly from Taylor Rochestie’s new book.  The author’s insights empower those who struggle with questions but remain uncertain about where to find answers. By teaching his unique perspective, Rochestie guides readers through the process of gaining one’s authentic voice. The first step in this transformation is learning how to reprogram the mind and focus on optimism.

The current global health crisis further highlights the relevance of Taylor Rochestie’s vision. “We have all been affected in some form or another by this global pandemic,” says Rochestie. He adds, “While we face the uncertainty of tomorrow, we must actively build confidence in ourselves, feeling empowered to design our new reality.” “A New 20/20 Vision” is his roadmap to a more inspired self. During turbulent times, Rochestie urges his readers to focus on joy, trusting that this positivity will attract their true desires.

For more information on Taylor Rochestie and his new book, “A New 20/20 Vision,” now available in stores and on Amazon, please visit his website.


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