SZLEDWORLD Enhances Global Presence with State-of-the-Art LED Installation in Turkmenistan

Photo Courtesy: SZLEDWORLD
Photo Courtesy: SZLEDWORLD

Shenzhen LED World Co., LTD (SZLEDWORLD), a pioneer in the LED industry, has recently expanded its international footprint with a landmark outdoor LED display installation in Turkmenistan. This significant venture not only underscores the company’s technological prowess but also strategically positions SZLEDWORLD within the Central Asian market, reflecting its commitment to global expansion and technological innovation.

Located in a prominent area, the newly installed display covers an expansive 300 square meters, configured in an L-shape to maximize visibility from various perspectives. The display utilizes a P15.625-P15.625 outdoor curtain LED, a choice that highlights SZLEDWORLD’s dedication to providing robust and effective visual solutions. This particular model boasts the DIP346 high brightness series, enabling the screen to achieve an impressive brightness level of 10,000 nits, ensuring that the visuals remain clear and vibrant, even under the intense sunlight typical of Turkmenistan’s climate.

Technical Specifications and Design Innovations

SZLEDWORLD has specifically designed the display to support 3D video advertising, viewable to the naked eye, thus heralding a new era in advertising where engagement and interactivity are paramount. Each of the cabinets within the display measures 500x1000mm and maintains a lightweight of 9.5 kg, which facilitates both ease of installation and maintenance. Furthermore, with a transmittance rate of 37%, the screen not only offers potent imagery but also integrates seamlessly into its environment, allowing for natural light penetration and maintaining a balance with its surroundings.

Maintenance of this high-tech installation is conveniently accessible from both the front and rear, ensuring that the display remains in optimal condition. SZLEDWORLD’s attention to detail is evident in its extensive range of pixel pitches, from a very fine P2.5 to a broader P31, accommodating various viewing distances and applications. Additionally, the versatility of installation methods, including inlay, hanging, wall-mount, pole, and ground settings, underscores the company’s adaptability and customer-focused approach.

Strategic Expansion and Market Impact

The decision to install such a sophisticated display in Turkmenistan is not merely about demonstrating technological capabilities but also about capturing a strategic position in an emerging market. This move is part of SZLEDWORLD’s broader strategy to enhance its global presence and foster international partnerships. By integrating advanced technology into Turkmenistan’s urban landscape, SZLEDWORLD not only contributes to the aesthetic enhancement of public spaces but also paves the way for new digital advertising opportunities in the region.

This installation goes beyond mere business expansion; it is about creating a lasting impact on the local community and businesses by introducing them to cutting-edge advertising technologies that can transform public spaces and viewer experiences. The dynamic content enabled by such technology can greatly influence engagement levels, offering advertisers unprecedented interaction with their audiences.

Company Background and Vision

Shenzhen LED World Co., LTD has cultivated a strong market presence over fifteen years, driven by a passion for innovation and excellence in the visual LED industry. The company’s extensive product portfolio and commitment to comprehensive support services have established it as a formidable player in both indoor and outdoor LED solutions.

This installation in Turkmenistan exemplifies SZLEDWORLD’s engineering excellence and its commitment to advancing the frontier of LED technology. It highlights the company’s capability to undertake and successfully execute large-scale international projects, reinforcing its position as a global leader in the LED market.

As SZLEDWORLD continues to expand its operations across the globe, its dedication to delivering superior quality products and achieving customer satisfaction remains paramount. The Turkmenistan project is a testament to SZLEDWORLD’s ability to illuminate the world, one LED display at a time, fostering connections, enhancing public spaces, and revolutionizing the way content is experienced worldwide. This venture not only solidifies SZLEDWORLD’s reputation as an innovator but also as a visionary in the global tech landscape, promising a future where technology and design converge to create awe-inspiring visual experiences.


Shenzhen LED World Co., LTD takes pride in its fifteen years of experience in the visual LED industry. Throughout the years, it has developed its product portfolio to encompass widely varied product offers and solutions capable of catering to all types of LED display needs. Its indoor and outdoor LED offers are extensive, along with the support services that come with them. 

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