Sydney Schmall: Changing the Medical Marketing Space through the Psychology of Sales & Influencer Marketing

Sydney Schmall
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In today’s digital age, social media has become an increasingly important tool for businesses to reach out to potential customers. This is especially true for dental practices, where a strong online presence can be the difference between acquiring new clients or losing them to competitors. Flossy is a dental marketing company founded by Sydney Schmall, an emerging Latina female entrepreneur and first-generation college graduate changing how marketing is done and conceptualized in the medical space.

Flossy’s team specializes in using neuro-marketing and psychology to help dentists establish and refine their online brand in order to attract new patients. Neuro-marketing is a marketing technique that combines the study of consumer behavior with neuroscience principles to understand and influence consumer decisions.

Schmall launched Flossy in 2020, a particularly challenging year for businesses. The dental industry, in particular, was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as measures put in place across cities led to office closures. Schmall’s team at Flossy has developed their client roster primarily through word-of-mouth marketing, a testament to their expertise. 

Schmall’s degree in Intensive Psychology and her successful career as an influencer herself have uniquely positioned her to utilize neuro-marketing strategies and turn dentists into notable online authorities which increases their sales 10x over their competitors. Intensive Psychology is a discipline focusing on developing advanced skills in research methods, data analysis, and critical thinking, which are essential in understanding and using neuro-marketing techniques effectively. This approach sets Flossy’s dental clients apart and helps them bring in new patients, ultimately leading to successful and thriving brands and practices through the unique work Flossy does with each patient through their expert online branding.

Sales and influencer marketing: the Flossy way 

Schmall and her team at Flossy humanize their dentists through expert branding. “The dentist’s office is a scary place to go, and after Covid, people associate a white lab coat with fear,” Schmall says. “We take off the white lab coat to humanize our clients, turn them into local authorities, and increase our clients’ overall confidence and sales through our expert branding.”

Flossy offers potential clients three distinct packages that are essential to building branding that embodies their individual personalities in a way that influences sales and brand awareness. They even offer a free Instagram audit session with their founder to help potential clients improve their Instagram game by identifying areas for growth, including creating compelling content to increase reach. Flossy’s commitment to personalization and individualized attention is reflected in their client roster and testimonials citing their abilities to increase clients’ capture rates by prioritizing quality over quantity.

The first is a standard package, which includes essential services like social media account setup, content creation, and post scheduling. The second is a comprehensive package that the Top Docs in the USA utilize. It is a 100% turn-key social media marketing package, allowing Top Docs to only spend about 30 minutes each month on their social media campaigns. Finally, Flossy’s influencer package combines all the exclusives available in the comprehensive package with opportunities for collaboration with influencers.

In addition to branding and social media marketing, Flossy provides lifestyle photoshoots every quarter for those who utilize their middle package or higher to help dentists secure the imagery they need to become a likable online figure. The team at Flossy aims to make dentistry “sexy” again through influencer marketing in the dental space. Their quarterly photoshoots are customized to each dentist and aim to showcase their personality and brand values through visual storytelling. Flossy also provides coaching and training to dentists to help them improve their online presence and internal sales confidence to skyrocket their Case Acceptance and become a Local Authority.

Flossy engages with locals and builds rapport on Instagram, on behalf of their clients. The company has worked with several successful dentists, including @drmichaelatozzi — who earned Instagram Verification and became the #1 dentist in Las Vegas thanks to the distinct branding and white glove service offered by Flossy.

Schmall states she observes that “nine times out of ten, that new online lead becomes a new patient for our clients.” She also adds that their strategy is effective in “bringing eyes back to our clients’ Instagram pages and generating organic leads. Through lifestyle imagery, Flossy helps dentists increase their online clout and become local authorities.” 

As Schmall notes, “Instagram is the new dental website and it’s not going anywhere!” Flossy’s team is dedicated to helping clients dominate their respective local markets and capture sales from competitors through expert branding and social media marketing.

Flossy’s distinctive approach focuses solely on the psychology of sales through Instagram marketing and branding, with referral vendors for all other marketing needs. Schmall asserts, “If you want to become a #1 dentist on social media, you work with us. Period.” With a growing team of experts and a satisfied client base, Flossy is rapidly becoming a leader in the dental marketing industry.

Flossy was founded with intentionality and a specific goal of perfecting the online presence of top dentists across the United States. Flossy has perfected the art of dental marketing and turns dentists from “zero to hero” online to increase their case acceptance and local authority. Schmall advises that the traditional marketing principles “lead to almost no results because they’re trying to be all things to all people.” 

“Other marketing companies that are ‘all things to all people’ provide limited results because they just do ‘fluff reports’ each month to make naive dentists think their $$$ is actually going to good use,” says Schmall. “If you look bad online — you’re going to lose customers. Time to wake up, stop being ‘budget doctors,’ and understand your Dental Instagram is now more important than SEO. SEO is just a buzzword that allows marketing companies to charge you a lot of money for gaining you ineffective backlinks to your website — when your website is now less important than your Instagram presence.”

Schmall and her team’s unique methods are fundamental to their ability to establish dentists as authorities in their region, as well as attract and retain new patients. 

— Sydney Lynn Schmall is the founder of Flossy, a dental marketing agency based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Her entrepreneurial journey began in high school with a pie company she created to put herself through college, saving over $60,000 before starting her degree. Schmall has since graduated from UC Santa Cruz with honors in Intensive Psychology and excels in using psychology and behaviorism to establish her clients online. Flossy was established in 2020 and initially grew solely from word-of-mouth marketing. Schmall credits her parents for instilling in her an innate entrepreneurial spirit and sales prowess, which drives her passion for revolutionizing the medical industry through influencer marketing.


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