Spartan Solar Founder Alexander Smith, Equipping Team for Success

Many people believe that a college degree is the most important requirement for success. However, distinguished entrepreneur Alexander Smith quickly saw that simply having an education, “doesn’t translate to much in the world of business.” Instead he believes that a person’s coachability, work ethic, and environment are all critical factors in accomplishing ever-changing career goals.

The hungry entrepreneur graduated from Florida State University with a triple major in Finance, Professional Sales, and Marketing. After graduating, he took a commission-based job selling solar door-to-door for Sungrade Solar. Smith soon realized that he learned more during the first three months on the job compared to the four years he spent in college.

His success came hand in hand with significant lifestyle changes he decided to make in order to focus more on his mission, deleting all distractions from his life and prioritized self-improvement.

As a result, he quickly climbed the ranks to become a regional manager for Sungrade Solar in just four months. Smith was promoted again in that same year to Director of Sales as he continued to sharpen his skills and leadership. 

In 2018, Smith transferred to Kota Energy Group, where he would grow The Bay Area office and build their San Diego office from the ground up. In May of 2020, he moved to Florida to open another office for the company.

Despite already having immense success in all of his positions, Smith saw an opportunity to start his own venture. In March of 2021, he finally launched Spartan Solar with co-founder Matt Lent. The business has a unique position in the marketplace thanks to having access to multiple installers that allows the company to offer clients the lowest monthly investment with the highest quality materials.

Taking inspiration from his firsthand experiences as a struggling sales representative, he devoted his time to create the systems that would lead to an amazing plug-n-play model that allows rookie sales reps to become proficient on the job in no time.

Moreover, under Smith’s leadership, the sales team has fostered a unique culture that is filled with individuals all on the same mission and vision to help one another win. These factors have had a tremendous impact on Spartan Solar’s success, as the business has already seen multiple six-figure earners who accomplished the impressive feat within the first few months of joining the team.

Leadership at Spartan Solar has developed rapidly and has led to Zach Crotty and Will Donovan launching their own office in Tampa on March 1st, 2022. While Matt Lent and Julian Gomez double down on the growth of Spartan’s headquarters in Orlando, Florida. 

As a testament to Alexander Smith’s expertise and business acumen, Spartan Solar has rapidly grown and established itself as an authority in the solar energy industry. The CEO proudly shared the brand’s achievements, “In our first 10 months of operations we sold $31,000,000 of solar and now we are on a path to clear $150,000,000 in 2022.”

Moving forward, the innovative entrepreneur aims to scale his business further and expand its operations. But most importantly, Alexander Smith remains steadfast in his mission of helping his team become the best version of themselves and living by Zig Ziglar’s words, “you can get whatever you want in life, so long as you help enough people get what they want.”


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