Anner Turner and Dellesa Johnson Provides Healthy and Delicious Sauce Options Through Southern Belle Gardens

To a few, eating is simply something they need to do for sustenance. However, for most, it is so much more than just that. After all, food helps build connections not only within families but also communities. And, of course, one crucial component that makes the dining experience more complete is the sauce. Cognizant of this, bonafide foodie and visionary Anner Turner and Dellesa created the remarkable Southern Belle Gardens brand.

Southern Belle Gardens is a company that makes healthy organic sauces that are low in sodium and sugar. Unlike the majority of the available options on today’s market, which are chock-full of additives and preservatives, its products are made with fresh ingredients. For its very first sauce, the enterprise developed a Southern Belle BBQ sauce infused with turmeric, ginger, and honey. 

The entrepreneur shared what inspired her to start the venture, saying, “Growing up in Alabama, we ate delicious hearty foods. After 21 days of fasting in January 2021, we wanted to choose healthier options for the sauces that were helping us stay on track with this lifestyle change where nothing seemed appealing, but the food was necessary! My family and I put sauce or gravy onto everything we ate, so it seemed only natural to create a new healthier choice using fresh ingredients. So, the idea was created by childhood friends in Alabama, and we all  jumped on the project.”

As such, alongside business partner and co-owner Dellesa Johnson, Southern Belle Gardens was created. Aside from the founders’ shared love for good food, what makes the innovative brand stand out is its vision of providing consumers with healthier options. Specifically, it is committed to creating delicious sauces without the guilt or worry of jeopardizing their well-being. Because of this, long gone are the days when people had to choose between health and bland-tasting food. 

“The sauce caters to health-conscious individuals that want to take charge of healthy options with experiencing the taste without expanding the waist. Our number one goal in mind is to create a sauce low in sugar and sodium, which is the number factor in heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure,” Anner began explaining. 

She then added, “So after some thought-processing about what would be best suited towards reaching goals while enjoying meals instead of not adding extra guilt from unhealthy addictions like sweeteners or preservatives. We decided to create a healthier sauce with all the fresh ingredients that help make food more enjoyable but healthy.”

Aside from creating sumptuous condiments, the enterprise also offers incredible recipe ideas and other ways to use the sauces. This intuitive and insightful approach is a testament to the brand’s steadfast dedication to its clientele. 

Moving forward, Anner Turner and Dellesa Johnson intend to continue the upward trajectory of Southern Belle Gardens and take its success to the next level. As the dynamic duo confidently declared, “Our goal in the next five years is to continue to create an array of healthy sauces made with fresh ingredients that you will find in grocery stores and health food stores.”



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