Shawn Fair Brings Life Coach Justina Peterson on Board for His Leadership Experience Tour Program

Shawn Fair has made a strong reputation as one of the most sought-after consultants for major corporations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Renowned for his unique skills and techniques that can guide leaders to discover their blind spots. Shawn’s personal coaching and training services have helped him climb into the top spot of the training industry. He founded the Leadership Experience Tour program, an exclusive club for speakers where he brings the best and brightest in the industry to take the stage and impact the audience. Recently, he invited Justina Peterson, who is set to grace the stage.

Justina Peterson is a certified life coach, author, and cheerleader for women. A graduate of the University at Albany, New York, she discovered she had a voice worth hearing and a powerful story worth reading. Justina would later create Will PowHer Tribe to help women shift their self-perception and support them in their journey to become the purposeful and successful people they were born to be. Additionally, she founded Justina Peterson & Associates, a teaching and coaching firm driven to help people become the best version of themselves.

The life coach gave birth to her brand from the experience of trauma. Whereas others would yield to the overwhelming weight of trauma, Justina worked hard to escape from its cold clutch. “I experienced childhood abuse and neglect,” she revealed, “The resentment and rage I felt seeped into my adulthood. I allowed myself to believe that survival came from outside forces.” Young and inexperienced, Justina fell into a cycle of addiction, throwing herself into the destructive cycle of alcohol, sex, and drugs.

Her lifestyle led her into a violent relationship that left her feeling isolated and silenced. As a result, she felt a level of desperation that she never experienced before. Justina recalls one night when she was driving. She was on the highway with her child in the backseat when she screamed while gripping the wheel, combating her chaotic escape.

“I had no money and did not immediately know my destination,” she said, “I had my child, my tears, my loneliness, and my fragmented will to live.”

Justina realized that despite her current situation, she had always been a survivor. “I survived childhood trauma because I was still alive,” she said. Justina realized that her power to live had always been within her. It was in that twenty-two-hour drive that she made a promise to God that she would start choosing power and victory.

Since then, she has chosen to live in a thriving mode daily. Two years later, her life became unrecognizable. Justina authored a book and collaborated with other writers on several projects. She is also an ICF-accredited coach specializing in trauma, meeting with women who have lived in silence and survived similar circumstances. 

After starting two foundations, Justina Peterson has been instrumental in changing women’s lives who are experiencing the same endeavors she once faced. She is enthusiastic about continuing her goal to help women by opening multiple firm locations and housing programs. Learn more about Justina Peterson by visiting her official website.


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