Shawn Fair Brings Another Dynamic Speaker to His Tour by the Name of Dr. Daryll S. Wharton

Following his mission to make the world better by improving the lives of the people in it, Shawn Fair and his Leadership Experience Tour keep waxing stronger. The latest speaker joining the tour is the dynamic and highly sought-after international keynote speaker, empowerment expert, bestselling author and life health and wellness coach, Dr. Daryll S. Wharton.

Dr. Daryll S. Wharton takes pride and value as one of the most influential voices in the world of motivational speaking. Fueled by her passion for people, she dedicates herself to moving lives and helping people become better versions of themselves. She does this by training individuals and corporations and positively impacting audiences globally with her message of encouragement and empowerment. Her goal is to help as many people as possible stay inspired to reach the best version of themselves.

As a visionary, compelling thought leader and transformational speaker, she is dedicated to supporting women’s personal and professional empowerment around the globe. To actualize this goal, she established Daryll Inspires, a global company that provides women with opportunities to build confidence, courage and connections through workshops, resources, education and coaching. She is also passionate about helping women feel the best possible with her willingness to help women aiming to lose 100 pounds or more.

As someone who once struggled with being overweight, this is something she can relate to, and she makes sure to encourage them never to give up. “I’ve lost over 400 pounds of weight, self-doubt, self-hate, and became the highest version of ME during my process! I also created a step-by-step program to master living life to the fullest even when you are not where you want to be yet,” she said.

Since Dr. Daryll started building her brand, she has seen significant changes and turnarounds in many women’s lives. She challenges them to move up to the next level in improving themselves through thorough and expert mentorship and guidance using her result-proven strategies that promote health, wellness, self-love, body acceptance and goal planning. Her book, “Cute & Curvy: Begin Your Journey to Wellness” is a bestselling wellness guide that provides a structured approach to achieving happier and healthier lifestyle goals through empowering self-talk, mantras, vision boards, and journaling.

Dr. Daryll S. Wharton’s work has earned her awards and recognition for her dedication, leadership and contributions to her community. She has been featured on notable media platforms like FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS News, radio shows, talk shows, podcasts, magazines, newspapers and many more. She wants to see every woman lead her life with confidence and high self-esteem. “I have seen many women achieving amazing transformational results using my signature method, and I would like to see more women benefit by knowing about these methods,” she said.

In a few years, she hopes to take her crusade to schools, foundations and women groups. She will also focus on young girls and play a major role in shaping them for the future so they can level up in their lives and achieve their life goals.

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