Sarah Jacobson: A True Story of Faith-Fueled Transformation and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Sarah Jacobson
Photo Credited to Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Sarah Jacobson stands as a vivid example of how faith can shape a career and ignite a deep-seated passion for leadership and change. Known for her multifaceted career as a Christian Business Coach, speaker, and podcaster, Sarah’s influence stretches far beyond these titles. Her story is a vibrant narrative of transformation, from a dedicated educator to a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit for faith-driven women.

Before the winds of change steered her course, Sarah dedicated two decades to education, standing on the brink of her dream to become a Principal. Yet, life had a different plan, a divine nudge that would see her trade the halls of education for the realm of entrepreneurship. This decision wasn’t just a career change; it was an embrace of a new way of life, balancing her roles as a mother and wife with the challenges of business ownership.

Sarah’s transition was fueled by her certification as a Younique Certified Coach and a personality that naturally radiates inspiration. Her mission became clear: to embolden others to embrace their life’s calling with faith and determination. She excels in guiding faith-driven women to leverage their talents, shaping their online ventures, and carving individualized paths to success.

The core of Sarah’s philosophy is beautifully captured in her own words: “When life gets tough, it’s faith that keeps us going.” This simple yet profound belief is the heartbeat of her approach, both in her life and in the guidance she offers to others.

Her rising profile as a purpose-driven speaker was further solidified by her place as a Top 10 finalist in the Voice of Purpose Speaking Competition. This recognition by First Class Agency is a testament to her impact, providing a platform to amplify her message and inspire a broader audience.

Transitioning from educator to Christian Business Coach, Sarah’s journey epitomizes resilience. She navigates life’s unpredictable roads not just with grace but with a vision to empower others in their personal and professional quests. In her workshops, podcasts, and coaching sessions, Sarah encourages embracing one’s true self as designed by God, stepping into roles and responsibilities with confidence and purpose.

Sarah Jacobson
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Interested individuals can connect with Sarah on LinkedIn  or explore her website ( for insights into her initiatives. These platforms offer a treasure trove of resources for faith-driven women aiming to translate their entrepreneurial aspirations into reality.

Sarah Jacobson’s life is a canvas illustrating the beautiful interplay of faith, resilience, and leadership. Her journey encourages embracing life’s shifts not as obstacles but as opportunities for growth and guidance. Through her story, Sarah inspires not just to navigate but to create our paths, drawing strength from faith and forging ahead with unyielding determination. In every role she assumes, Sarah Jacobson exemplifies that true leadership is about inspiring change, nurturing growth, and leaving an indelible mark on the world of purposeful entrepreneurship.


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