Sam Fawahl: Achieving Success In The Service Of Others:

Sam Fawahl: Achieving Success In The Service Of Others:
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Life-long learning is a necessary part of any successful career. In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce and online entrepreneurship, Sam Fawahl stands out as a beacon of authenticity and resilience. His story is one of personal transformation and the unwavering commitment to helping others navigate the complex realm of digital business. His extraordinary journey is a story of resilience and determination. 

It Started At A Bakery

Sam embarked on his online journey back in 2001. At 18-19, he searched for his true calling but couldn’t find a job that resonated with him. Despite a flurry of various jobs and apprenticeships, he felt lost. However, a chance encounter at a bakery would set him on a completely unexpected path, leading to unprecedented success and fulfillment. “I told Nghi (the bakery owner) that I was lost and needed direction.” Intending to give him a chance, she invited him to an Amway meeting. That meeting would indirectly change his life. “I didn’t sell a single thing for seven months, but I did change my mindset around finances.”

While those initial seven months brought him no financial gains, they opened the door to personal development and financial direction, introducing him to the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, something that set him on the right path. The experience sparked his interest in the personal development space, eventually leading him to sell tickets for events featuring industry leaders – like Joe Dispenza. This journey also brought him adventures in Rome, LA, Vegas, Hawaii, the Bahamas, Mexico, and New Zealand.

He proved to be a natural. He consistently gained awards for his work and recognition for being a top-income earner for the company. It finally seemed as if he had found direction in life. 

Going A New Direction

However, success rarely comes without its fair share of challenges. When the direct sales personal development company Sam was working for folded, he found himself in a troubled state. That’s when he began exploring the online world and started landing positions, helping companies build and manage teams and help with sales. 

Again, with a track record for success, At 25, Sam found himself given what looked like the opportunity of a lifetime. “I was presented the opportunity to join as a partner for a business.” The Australian company helped equip individuals with the necessary skills to secure jobs in 25 various fields, from childcare certifications to First Aid certifications and basic computer skills. 

The company, having over 80 employees at one stage, had faced an uphill battle as they saw their achievements crumble due to government changes that ended many of the contracts they relied on for income. Everything seemed to be going well, and he was turning things around until he received a call from the government. “It ended up that the company had 1.2 million dollars in unpaid taxes. And the partners jumped out and left me to deal with it.”. On top of this, this experience was a turning point, teaching him the importance of adaptability and resilience in the face of adversity.

A Fresh Start In Vietnam

In 2013, Sam and his wife embarked on a seven-year adventure in Vietnam, where he discovered an abundance of exceptional local products yet to be available online. This sparked his entrepreneurial spirit, and he began connecting with local manufacturers to sell their products on platforms like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, showcasing the incredible craftsmanship of Vietnamese artisans. Sam has built brands in e-commerce and has taught hundreds of others to do the same thing. Now, he is looking to help a broader base of entrepreneurs and business owners. 

A New Chapter with the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

In 2016, Fawahl’s journey led him to the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, a group he joined as a head coach. Although he didn’t need to take this step, he felt compelled to contribute his knowledge to a broader audience. The Aussie Online Entrepreneurs consists of 600 members and a 2,500 FB group; Sam has dedicated over 5,000 hours to coaching these aspiring entrepreneurs.

His passion for authentic entrepreneurship and a desire to simplify e-commerce training led Sam to develop a different approach. He’s committed to providing expertise through short, focused videos that address specific client needs, partnering with experts who’ve been there and done that. He aims to create programs that cater to individual circumstances, recognizing that not all entrepreneurs start from the same point or aim for the same goals.

Redefining Success

Sam’s journey, marked by ups and downs, reflects his commitment to making a difference in the world of online entrepreneurship. He’ll tell anyone who asks, “My definition of success is finding peace, working with the right people that I can connect to.”

Sam similarly defined success for his clients by simplifying the e-commerce training industry. Whether you’re looking to start or scale a local or global brand, he aims to make it relevant, free from hype, and a place where people stop wasting their hard-earned money. The focus is on having specific experts to provide advice and a tailored program that meets the needs of every individual.  

Through his coaching and his work with Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, Sam is now a Co-Partner and also the Founder of FAST CLASS Coaching. Sam is looking to train a new kind of entrepreneur who is similarly focused on simplicity, peace, and fulfillment. “E-commerce and digital businesses require real work, but if done correctly, it can lead to a life of peace and freedom.”

To learn more about Sam Fawahl’s e-commerce programs and his work with Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, you can visit his website or follow him on LinkedIn.  


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