RxRenew’s T.L.C.: The Next Generation of Lip Care

Los Angeles, CA / March 2022 – Luscious, healthy, and natural–lips are some of the biggest assets for many people. Yet taking care of it can feel like a chore, especially when it comes to finding the right lip care products. RxRenew Total Lip Care has formulated one of the best solutions to give people the best lips possible, restoring their natural health. Beyond aesthetics, the product is renowned for helping people regain and boost their confidence by visibly restoring lip hydration. 

The formulation is the brainchild of medical professional Gohar Abrahamyan, who has long established her name in the beauty industry with her innovative approach to skincare.

Gohar Abrahamyan is a neurosurgical physician associate and is one of the top 100 aesthetic injectors in the United States. She is the founder at Go Flawless Now, a luxury medical spa in Beverly Hills and Glendale, CA. 

She holds degrees in both cellular and molecular biology. But beyond her education is her unparalleled experience in the field, helping countless patients achieve the lips of their dreams.

After spending 15 years in the practice, Gohar developed RxRenew Total Lip Care (T.L.C.) with her surgical and aesthetic patients in mind. 

T.L.C. goes above and beyond what other lip care products have done in the past.  For starters it has a velvety (not sticky) consistency that integrates hydrating elements such as hyaluronic acid, peptides plant-based squalene and blue sea kale along with nourishing antioxidants that prevents dryness while delivering intense hydration to visibly repair, restore and regenerate lips. 

But what truly separates RxRenew from its competition is that the formulation acts as a non-surgical lip filler, making the lips look healthier and plumper without agitating the skin. RxRenew’s T.L.C.  is one of the most scientifically researched products in the market today as it is a collaboration between some of the best scientific minds. Giving multiple benefits, RxRenew is quickly gaining recognition as a front-runner in the aesthetic industry because it aids in prolonging the life of lip fillers, a game-changing product for people who want to optimize the longevity of such aesthetic treatments. 

Furthermore, RxRenew is currently the only product of its kind to be packaged with a ceramic applicator, which contributes to its easy, hygienic application to the lips. Because of its uniqueness and effectiveness, RxRenew has gained the trust of many individuals and organizations alike, including aesthetic clinics, medical spas, facial experts, dermatologists, and various surgical/oncology clinics across the globe. 

It is important to note that T.L.C.  is cruelty/paraben/gluten free and comes in 2 different shades: Clear (vegan) and natural honey (with a hint of peachy tone. 


RxRenew Total Lip Care is a lip care product created by a surgical and aesthetic clinician, Gohar Abrahamyan, PA-C @goflawlessnow. It is scientifically researched, ethically and responsibly sourced with high quality, natural ingredients free of parabens and cruelty.

Company: RxRenew 

Phone: 888-413-FACE

Email: info@goflawless.com

Website: www.rxrenewskin.com


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