Everything You Need to Know About Run Chicken Inc.’s Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Everything You Need to Know About Run Chicken Inc.’s Automatic Chicken Coop Door
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By: Mae Cornes

(Slovenia, Ljubljana / June 10, 2024) Poultry farming, while rewarding, presents its fair share of challenges that can burden owners. One of the most time-consuming and inconvenient tasks is the daily routine of manually opening and closing the coop doors. 

This chore requires diligence and punctuality, as failing to secure the coop at night can leave the flock vulnerable to predators. Waking up early to let the birds out or rushing home before dusk to lock them in can be a significant hassle, especially for those with busy schedules or when travelling.

Run Chicken Inc. recognized these pain points and developed its innovative automatic chicken coop door to alleviate the burden on poultry owners. Jure Markic, Run Chicken Inc.’s CEO, emphasizes that its flagship product automates the process of opening and closing the coop door, empowering owners with convenience and peace of mind. 

Why Automatic Chicken Doors?

They say people learn from their mistakes. This quote rings true for Markic, who developed the idea of automatic chicken doors based on an unpleasant childhood experience. 

Markic despised waking up early to let the chickens out of the coop. His parents often reprimanded him whenever he forgot to secure the door in the evening, leaving their flock vulnerable to predators on multiple occasions.

Everything You Need to Know About Run Chicken Inc.
Everything You Need to Know About Run Chicken Inc.

These frustrating experiences fueled Markic’s determination to create a solution—an automated chicken coop door that would revolutionize the way poultry owners cared for their flocks. Investing all his money and time, Markic brought his vision to life and created the first automated chicken coop door.

Markic admits that his journey was not easy; he overcame many setbacks. From a small village in Slovenia, he now conquers poultry technology in the U.S. and makes a significant market impact through its clever, automatic chicken doors. 

A Door that Does It All

Run Chicken Inc.’s automatic chicken coop door is a game-changer for poultry owners, offering unparalleled convenience and peace of mind. One of its standout features is the sophisticated light sensor, which automatically opens the door at sunrise and closes it at sunset.

This eliminates manual operation, allowing chickens to roam freely during the day and remain safely secured in the coop at night. The highly sensitive light sensor can be adjusted to accommodate different lighting conditions, guaranteeing optimal performance in various environments.

“Our customers appreciate the convenience and reliability of our automatic chicken coop door, Markic explains. “They no longer have to rush home to let their chickens in or wake up early to let them out. It’s perfect for all busy poultry owners.” 

Moreover, Run Chicken Inc. has seamlessly integrated advanced technology into their automatic chicken coop door to enhance the user experience. The intuitive RUN-CHICKEN smartphone app can remotely control the door, enabling users to monitor and adjust settings from anywhere.

This feature provides ultimate flexibility and control, allowing chicken owners to customize the door’s operation to suit their specific needs. Whether at work, on vacation, or simply wanting to check on the flock remotely, the RUN-CHICKEN app puts the power at the owner’s fingertips.

“We recognize that the day can get busy for our poultry owners, and that’s why we’ve incorporated smart technology into our products,” Markic shares. “With the RUN-CHICKEN app, our customers can program the door’s opening and closing times, receive real-time notifications, and even control multiple doors from a single interface. You don’t need to care for the chickens; the automatic door does it by itself.”

A Smart and Durable Companion

The Run Chicken Inc. automatic chicken coop door is technologically advanced and built to last. It is made from high-quality aluminium and is designed to withstand strong weather conditions and predator attacks. This sturdy construction makes certain of the safety of chickens while promising long-lasting performance, even in harsh weather conditions.

“We use only the best materials to see to it that our automatic chicken coop doors are durable and reliable,” Markic states. “With longer warranty duration compared to other chicken door brands, our customers can trust that we are here to help them solve the problem in times of sudden trouble.”

The Run Chicken Inc. Promise

As the poultry industry grows, Run Chicken Inc. remains the forerunner, setting new standards with its innovative products. It is a prime example of how technology can improve the quality of agricultural life, making it more sustainable and rewarding for the chickens and their keepers.

As the USA’s best automatic chicken coop door, Run Chicken Inc. is all about giving owners and their feathered friends the best. They are still developing and improving some of its products and technologies to keep pace with innovation and deliver what the market needs.

“Our goal is to enhance farming by integrating smart technology into everyday practices, Markic concludes. “We believe that by providing our customers with a gadget-like experience, we can closely monitor the well-being of poultry and continually gather insights to enhance our products.”

To learn more about Run Chicken Inc.’s automatic chicken doors and other products, please visit its website https://run-chicken.com/.

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