Renowned Chef Revives Local Legacy: Bistro 45 Resurrected in McCall

Bistro 45
Photo Credit: Chef Topple

Chef Topple, whose culinary journey has taken him from San Francisco to Loch Lomond, has recently breathed new life into McCall’s local culinary gem, Bistro 45. The restaurant, originally opened 23 years ago by Kit Worthington, faced the risk of disappearing as the lease on the old space was not renewed. Chef Topple, inspired by the local history and unwilling to let the legacy fade away, took charge and opened the new Bistro 45.

With over two decades of experience in the culinary arts, Chef Topple brings a fresh perspective to the competitive world of dining establishments. The original Bistro 45 had a tiny kitchen, limiting the menu. Now, with an expanded space, Chef Topple is excited to offer a more extensive and creative menu, promising an exciting culinary experience for its customers.

Having worked in various cities and countries, Chef Topple incorporates international flavors into Bistro 45’s menu. Trained in French cuisine and fueled by a love of travel, he draws inspiration from global culinary traditions. Italian cuisine holds a special place in his heart, reflected in the diverse and creative menu items.

Originally from the maritime hub of Portsmouth, Chef Topple pays homage to his roots with a British touch, offering a must-try item – the classic fish and chips, a nod to his British heritage.

Photo Credit: Chef Topple

Bistro 45, labeled as a wine bar, boasts a carefully curated wine selection of over 150+ labels personally selected by Chef Topple. Weekly tastings with distributors ensure a diverse and outstanding wine list that complements the eclectic flavors on the menu. Bistro 45 is after the 45th parallel across the world, where most of the wine is made, in France, Italy, Spain, and the United States.  

While still developing signature dishes, Bistro 45’s menu features popular items such as baked brie, panini’s, and enticing entrees. The chef’s entrepreneurial journey, transitioning from top-tier resort kitchens to owning three restaurants, has been both challenging and rewarding. As a solo owner, Chef Topple enjoys the freedom to shape the direction of his establishments without the need for external approvals.

Engaging with the local community is a top priority for Bistro 45. Kit Worthington, the original owner, is a local legend, and Chef Topple is committed to preserving his legacy. Initiatives include supporting Worthington’s foundation for arts and music scholarships, hosting fundraisers, and organizing events like wine and food tastings to foster community connections.

The ambiance of Bistro 45 is carefully crafted to create a memorable dining experience. Utilizing decor from the old location, Chef Topple has seamlessly integrated the past into the new space, earning praise for the nostalgic and welcoming atmosphere.

Looking ahead, Chef Topple has ambitious plans for Bistro 45. The addition of more seating to the lower patio, overlooking Payette Lake and McCall, is in progress. customers can anticipate an enhanced dining experience and more exciting projects in the pipeline, making Bistro 45 a culinary destination to watch in the coming year.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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