Reggie Crenshaw: A Leader in Service, Honored on the MBJ’s Power 100 List for 2024

Reggie Crenshaw: A Leader in Service, Honored on the MBJ’s Power 100 List for 2024
Photo Courtesy: Reggie Crenshaw

By: Lennard James  

Reggie Crenshaw is not just a name on a list; he is a seasoned C-suite executive with over 30 years of experience in leadership and hands-on execution. With a background encompassing consumer service, financial services, and even the U.S. Army, Reggie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. As a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, he has spearheaded transformations across various industries, managing annual budgets of nearly $250MM and leading 1100 associates across multiple global sites.  

Throughout his illustrious career, Reggie has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to drive organizational management, operational efficiency, and revenue enhancement. He has a proven track record of delivering substantial cost savings and revenue growth, with achievements totaling $367MM in annual expense reductions and $281MM in annual incremental revenue.  

However, Reggie’s impact goes beyond mere numbers. He has prioritized the enhancement of customer and associate experience, consistently driving satisfaction increases across various touchpoints. Whether it’s optimizing systems such as ATM’s and IVR’s or refining processes like warranty and claims processing, Reggie is a change agent who focuses on holistic experience rather than just the bottom line.  

Reggie Crenshaw: A Leader in Service, Honored on the MBJ’s Power 100 List for 2024
Photo Courtesy: Reggie Crenshaw

Reggie’s dedication to excellence extends beyond his corporate endeavors. As the head of Crenshaw and Associates Consulting Group (CACG), he continues to leverage his expertise to drive impactful change in partnership with organizations like SSMI. Through his consultancy, Reggie aims to empower businesses to navigate complexities, streamline operations, and achieve sustainable growth.  

As a leader, Reggie Crenshaw exemplifies the essence of service and leadership. His inclusion in the MBJ’s Power 100 list for 2024 is a testament to his unwavering commitment to driving positive change in the Memphis business community and beyond.  

“I am forever honored to be in a position of service and leadership. It’s moments like this when you look up and see that someone has been watching and taking note of your commitment to the community. Thank you, Leadership Memphis, for the opportunity to serve,” expressed Reggie Crenshaw, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Leadership Memphis.  

Through Leadership Memphis Crenshaw is empowering our community to STEP UP by preparing and mobilizing leaders to work together for the good of the whole community. Leadership Memphis programs help leaders become more effective community leaders by developing community change agents, connecting them with others who have a passion to serve, and empowering them with information and opportunities to make a difference. With more than 34,000 volunteers, 4,000 alumni, and an engaged community – the impact of their networks is amazing.  

Crenshaw’s journey underscores the organization’s commitment to cultivating impactful leaders. As he stands among the influential figures recognized by the Memphis Business Journal, it’s evident that the seeds of leadership sown by organizations like Leadership Memphis yield bountiful harvests in our community’s growth and development.  

You can rest assured that Crenshaw’s leadership at Leadership Memphis is in good hands as his team continues to work to preserve the organization’s legacy of nurturing and empowering leaders. With Crenshaw at the helm, Leadership Memphis will undoubtedly continue to thrive, inspiring and mobilizing individuals to make positive contributions to the community. 

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