Rank and Rent Millionaire Nick Wood Shares Knowledge on Digital Real Estate

Entrepreneur Nick Wood has been dubbed the “King of Digital Real Estate”, highlighting the fact that perhaps no one has risen to the top of the rank and rent industry in as relatively short amount of time. In fact, Wood reached the highly coveted millionaire status less than a year after he started Digital Landlords, an online course community teaching students how to make life-changing passive income through digital real estate, lead generation, and sales.

Digital Landlords now boasts over 300 students who are using Nick’s millionaire methodology in instructing aspiring individuals who wish to build a thriving career in digital real estate and make passive income from home. Moreover, the course and its thriving community equips students with the necessary training, tools, and resources to achieve financial freedom and, as Wood puts it, “break out of the rat race.”

As the founder and CEO of Digital Landlords, Nick Wood’s impressive commitment to his vision to help others learn his tried-and-true curriculum of buying digital real estate, generating leads, and selling them has benefited his students greatly. The reliable coach has already taken in students from around the globe with little to no sales or technical experience, and has earners making between $10,000 per month up to $45,000 per month in passive income–entirely from their phone and laptop. Standing at the top of his group of students is a top-performing mentee from the Pacific Northwest who at just 25 years old is making $45,000 a month as a member of the Digital Landlords community.

While many can get lost in the weeds of the complex world of digital real estate, Wood finds that getting straight to the point makes all the difference. Proudly sharing what his venture is all about, Nick Wood explains: “Digital Landlords is an online course and community that teaches students how to create and own digital real estate and make passive income through lead generation and sales. It requires no sales or technical experience and can be done from anywhere in the world. All you need is a wi-fi connection and a whole lot of hustle.”

While many have found Wood through his success as an entrepreneur, many don’t know the long, winding road her took to get here. What motivated the inspiring entrepreneur to build what is now a multi-7-figure digital real estate empire was not only his desire to help as many individuals prosper, but also his own firsthand experiences with financial stress and failure. Years before finding his foothold in the digital real estate space, Nick started several tech ventures with little to no success, leaving him $60,000 in debt.

Fortunately, Wood was able to lock in to rank and rent and digital real estate–an industry he says is “recession-proof”–and begin his upward trajectory as a firebrand entrepreneur. “Digital real estate is the best business model on the internet, and I’m just sharing what I’ve learned over the years to give others a chance to get out of the rat race as well,” says Wood.

Moving forward, Nick Wood hopes to reach a wider audience and grow his tight-knit community of like-minded hustlers who are looking to create a strong stream of passive income through digital real estate. “I welcome anyone to show me a better, easier way to make money online from their phone, and I’ll drop this tomorrow,” concludes Wood. “I’m that confident in this model because I’ve seen it work for me and my students time and time again.”


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