Peter Deralas Gives Tips for Finding Success as a Young Entrepreneur

Peter Deralas Gives Tips for Finding Success as a Young Entrepreneur
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By: Joshua Finley

In the business world, there are individuals who not only achieve success but also strive to empower the next generation of leaders. Peter Deralas is one such visionary entrepreneur whose journey from a family business background to establishing his own venture has been marked by valuable lessons and insights. With over a decade of experience in managing and growing a business, Deralas shares four invaluable tips for young leaders to navigate the challenges of leadership and achieve success.

Starting in the Family Business 

Deralas’s journey began within his family’s business, where he immersed himself in every aspect, from working on the caravan chassis to managing the entire operation. “I learned it working with my grandfather,” he recalls, reminiscing about the invaluable lessons passed down through generations. It was this hands-on experience that laid the foundation for Deralas’s managerial prowess and leadership skills.

Transitioning to a New Venture

Having successfully managed and grown his family business to a staff of 50, Deralas embarked on a new venture – Global Product Sourcing. Based in Melbourne, Australia, his company specializes in sourcing top-quality products from industry giants like China2U and facilitating seamless shipping directly to clients’ warehouses. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Global Product Sourcing aims to bring client’s ideas to life while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Three Lessons for Young Leaders

Deralas understands firsthand the challenges that come with being a young leader. He hopes to empower the next generation of young entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of leadership. Here are his tips for leading with confidence and integrity: 

  1. Respect Is Earned, Not Demanded 

Deralas emphasizes the importance of earning respect, especially as a young leader. “In order to get respect as a younger person, work hard to earn it,” he says. His relentless dedication and commitment to excellence not only earned him the respect of his peers but also established him as a credible leader within his organization.

  1. Prioritize Employee Satisfaction

Recognizing the significance of a motivated workforce, Deralas advocates for prioritizing employee satisfaction on par with customer satisfaction. “Take care of your employees as much as your customers,” he says. By investing time and effort in ensuring his employees felt valued and appreciated, Deralas witnessed a significant increase in productivity and overall morale within the organization.

  1. Commit To Never-Ending Self Improvement

Deralas attributes much of his success to his continuous self-improvement efforts, which have enhanced his ability to understand and connect with others. “The more I worked on myself, the better I became at my job, and it helped me understand others,” he explains. This understanding of human behavior has been instrumental in effectively leading and guiding his team toward common goals.

Take Responsibility

A firm believer in accountability, Deralas advocates for taking responsibility for one’s actions and decisions. “Don’t blame others,” he says. “If you make a mistake, it’s okay. Look at how to fix it.” Embrace mistakes as learning opportunities and focus on finding solutions rather than assigning blame. This mindset fosters a culture of accountability and growth within the organization.

Looking to the Future

Peter Deralas’s journey from a family business to establishing his own venture serves as a testament to his exemplary leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit. Through his invaluable tips for young leaders, Deralas seeks to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

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