Performist’s Blueprint for Overcoming Fear of Change and Achieving Global Brand Success

Performist's Blueprint for Overcoming Fear of Change and Achieving Global Brand Success

By: Monica Stevens

Total Performance is buying directly from the creator of the impressions, hyper targeting for better creative, having an analytics suite that includes a real attribution model, and a true international footprint that makes for unmatched bench strength. This comprehensive approach strips away the fear of change, laying a clear path to success.

Now, that’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it? But Marcelo Salup of Performist assures us it’s this very comprehensive approach that can elevate a business from the mundane to the magnificent. During our candid discussion, Marcelo dissected the common fears and misconceptions that trap businesses in a cycle of mediocrity.

“There’s so much noise out there,” Marcelo began, shaking his head. “Folk tales of how SEO is the one-size-fits-all solution, or how a viral social media post will magically turn your brand into a household name overnight. We’re led to believe influencers are the be-all and end-all for brand reach. But that’s far from the marketing truth.”

Marcelo is no stranger to the world of performance marketing. With decades of experience under his belt he’s now spearheading Performist in the U.S. to guide companies through the murky waters of digital branding.

“If you’re only playing in the organic social media sandbox, you’re reaching a tiny fraction of your potential audience,” he explained. “You think you’re saving money, but you’re actually losing it by the truckload of missed opportunities.”

Marcelo was quick to point out SEOs limitations. “Bots can be charmed by SEO for sure,” he said with a wry smile. “Real people? Not as easily. They’re drawn to compelling stories, to creativity that resonates. And that’s what we bring to the table.”

At Performist, they don’t just push content into the digital ether and hope for the best. They’ve honed this art to a science, leveraging over 30 SSPs to monetize impressions effectively. “Only Performance is Real. We live it,” Marcelo confidently declared, and it’s not hard to see why. He’s seen trends come and go, but insists that the backbone of any successful marketing strategy remains robust and data-driven performance being adaptively and continuously optimized.

When addressing the fear of change, or FOC, Marcelo’s advice was clear. “The fear of changing to a logical marketing mix stops so many companies from unlocking their true potential,” he urged. Change can be daunting, certainly, a hurdle in mental agility, but Marcelo explained that it’s a necessary leap for those who want to not just survive, but truly thrive.

“What you need is a total performance approach,” Marcelo stressed. “This means buying directly from those who create the impressions, using hyper-targeting to ensure your creative is seen by the right eyes, and backing it all up with an analytics suite that actually tells you where your successes are.”

It’s not just a national game either. In today’s market, having an international footprint is invaluable. Performist’s global presence is a testament to the effectiveness of their methods, with offices in powerful cities such as Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore, and now in the U.S.

“Experience, data, and creativity,” Marcelo concluded. “That’s our strong suit, our ace in the hole. We not only understand the market; we understand human behavior, and that’s where real performance lies.”

Aspiring to take your company to the top? Performist might just have the toolkit you need to dismantle FOC. Find out more about their philosophy and services through their YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook profiles – your brand’s passport to a future unshackled by the fear of change.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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