Nick Caster and Jesse Saunders Set to Relaunch House Music Awards

Achieving success in both entertainment and business has strengthened entrepreneur Nick Caster’s belief that anything is possible. And now, through his company, Elite Entertainment International, he’s playing his part in effecting progressive changes in the entertainment world. His next line of action is to relaunch The House Music Awards with Jesse Saunders and redefine how the stars and legends of house music are getting recognized.

As a former producer and songwriter who now specializes in selective artist development through UMG and Elite Entertainment International, using his influence to improve ideas that need improvement is something he’s passionately committed to. Through the years, Nick Caster has had multiple Billboard & iTunes Top 10 placements in Rock, Electronic, Pop, and Christian music as an artist and ghostwriter for others. Nick is currently an active Grammy voting member and sits on the board of directors for the House Music Awards.

Elite Entertainment International operates as a booking agency that works with select artists in all international markets. The company is also heavily into events and is constantly working around the clock to create remarkable retreats, festivals, and events all over the United States.

His collaboration with Jesse Saunders to relaunch The House Music Awards is a step in the right direction towards stamping his presence in the music industry and using his influence to develop an impactful platform. His goal is to connect with entertainers, celebrities, the music industry as a whole, corporate companies and businesses. His track record as a successful music personality and business owner is his leverage, and he expects that his plans go as proposed.

Outside music, Nick Caster is also a recognized businessman focused on the creation and development of strategies for emerging markets in renewable energy, custom military fabrication, B2B/B2C products, and steel structures. He does all these through his company, NC1 Services, which has played a pivotal role in bringing many businesses to life.

Nick Caster’s wide reach and industry-wide connections have come in handy in his endeavors over the last few years. He has worked with many industry leaders and grown his influence as a result. He was able to get through many doors, draw inspiration from them, and implement his own plans. With the business and entertainment scenes leaning heavily toward digital innovations, Nick Caster sees himself becoming a frontrunner developer for music in the Metaverse and changing the scene in the next few years.

Choosing to focus on working behind the scenes rather than strutting his guitar is a journey he finds fulfilling. He has openly admitted that providing opportunities to talented and gifted people is something he’ll dedicate more time to moving forward.


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