Neel Dhingra on Bringing Relevance to the Digital Content Creation Space to Help Others Scale Their Business

Hailing from Reno, Nevada, Neel Dhingra is a digital creator and a leading authority within the mortgage and real estate industry. As an entrepreneur and a creator, Neel saw an opportunity in the white space created where the large firms and marketing departments were utterly unaware of the rapidly growing digital content creation space. 

“After 15 years in the industry, I was burnt out on the traditional ways that companies and individuals communicated with the public. It was very transactional, and nearly all short-term sales activity and advertising. Then, I started to learn about marketing and personal branding, and this completely changed my business and life,” he explained. 

To bring the much-deserved attention to the digital content creation space, he started creating relevant content, educating consumers about homeownership and financial opportunities. As a result, Neel grew his mortgage business by over 1000% within three years by leveraging content marketing through multiple platforms. He then created content alongside some of the biggest names in marketing, becoming a trusted resource in an otherwise stale industry. Recently he was recognized as a Top Video Influencer by industry software provider BombBomb & Tom Ferry. 

On the heels of his success in the content creation space, Neel wanted to help other like-minded individuals within the industry to learn how they could do the same. “Through helping others—both clients and business partners, I was able to create exponential growth for myself,” he states. To help others learn how to use personal branding and content marketing to grow their business and income, Neel started speaking at industry events throughout the country and hosts the annual Forward Event, an exclusive mastermind for those looking to level up in business and marketing.

“I have a passion for helping people learn about money and saw that homeownership could be a major component to the average person growing their net worth. The main number barrier to becoming a homeowner is a lack of knowledge about obtaining a mortgage and buying real estate. So I saw the mortgage business as a great way to help people plus earn a great living while doing so,” he explained.

For Neel Dhingra, a father of 3 trying to balance a rapidly growing business and spending time with his family, a typical day includes running a successful mortgage division, helping clients, helping team members grow their business, creating content for multiple platforms while helping other mortgages and real estate professionals scale their business. In a separate interview, he shared the secret to his successful business ventures. He said, “Ideas without execution are worthless. So I learned to commit first and then figure it out. As a result, I have a different understanding of risk. I think it’s riskier not to try new ideas in business. This is how I have learned the most in business and marketing. This is how I started in all of my business ventures, and the same applied to building a personal brand online.”

In the coming years, Neel Dhingra wants to expand his businesses while helping others find awareness and financial literacy.

To learn more about Neel Dhingra, connect with him on LinkedIn. You may also visit his Instagram and Twitter.


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