MVP Vibe Is the Latest Social Network Platform Recommended for Creatives and Artists

An emerging social networking platform known as MVP Vibe is fast becoming the next big thing in the tech industry today as it is specially designed for users from a unique range of creative disciplines, from poets to musicians and vocalists. With a far-reaching platform such as MVP Vibe giving artists the perfect avenue to connect with the rest of the world, users will have access to rare and extraordinary creative outputs and get to know the creators as well. 

The platform was founded by Eddie and Amanda Bankston. Eddie Bankston is best known for his community initiatives, apart from being an Air Force veteran. He also co-founded an entertainment company that organized game nights, live poetry events, and concerts. Amanda, on the other hand, is a marketer by profession and has 15 years of remarkable experience in her field. Combining their expertise resulted in a phenomenal tech application that will change the social networking industry significantly. 

Creating MVP Vibe has a personal motivation for Eddie Bankston. He created his own label to produce his own album and develop his first business at the age of 19. Early on, he had a full grasp of the clear difference between being a music artist and an entrepreneur. Between the two, the former proved to be more challenging than the other, but he later realized that there is a way to combine the two without compromising creative freedom and profit. He believes that the same drive that fuels artists are more or less the same inspiration for entrepreneurs. After all, it was music that brought out his passion for business, and it’s still the same drive that propelled him to co-create MVP Vibe.

“Social platforms today make it difficult for independent artists to grow their fanbase,” Eddie Bankston explained. “We offer technology that helps artists get discovered based on user preferences. Artists who are a part of the Vibe family get exclusive offers for unique virtual events helping the artist create more content. The company will ultimately differentiate itself with a dedication to niche artist enclaves like the slam poetry community, independent vocalists, and  musicians.

Eddie Bankston has high hopes and targets for MVP Vibe in the next few years as the rising social networking platform aims to attract one million active users. By hosting Vibe festivals and Vibe awards for independent artists, Bankston hopes to establish it as a respectable avenue for aspiring music artists to showcase their gifts and potential. Doing this is the co-founder’s way of giving back to the community and making a difference in a generation overflowing with exceptional talents. Additionally, he is also aspiring to help out young entrepreneurs with their start-ups and teach them a blueprint that can lead to their success. 

As MVP Vibe continues to be a representation of diversity in technology, Bankston envisions it inspiring other entrepreneurs to pursue innovation in introducing a brand that will define their individuality and meet a need in society today. It remains committed to fostering new voices and diverse perspectives as it serves as a unifying platform that brings people together to celebrate creativity and culture. 

Learn more about MVP Vibe by visiting its website. Follow the platform on Facebook and Instagram for updates on its latest projects. 


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